Digital Tools for Learning

Course Competencies:

1. Design or adapt relevant learning experiences that

    • engage students in authentic learning, higher level thinking, and creativity,
    • address students’ diverse learning styles, working strategies and abilities, and
    • incorporate digital tools and resource.

2. Create a quality product in print, video, and digital environments demonstrating the ability to:

    • Use the capabilities of various technologies for teaching and learning
    • Organize, create, and communicate information
    • Use media literacy, message and screen design principles
    • Be targeted for a defined audience (students, teachers, or parents)
    • Evaluate the quality and plan for evaluation of the efficacy of the product

3. Demonstrate the ability to address administrative and instructional issues of:

    • intellectual property rights, copyright, and licensing and
    • privacy and security of students and resources

4. Demonstrate the ability to keep current with professional issues through assessing and monitoring existing and emerging technologies for possible application to teaching and learning.

5. Identify and provide potential solutions to technology problems or situations in your setting.

My Background Relevant to the Competencies in this Course

Over the past 40+ years I have been a librarian, a teacher, and an instructional designer. Through my coursework, work experiences, any continuing professional development I have developed the competencies in this course. This portfolio will demonstrate this through examples from my practice for each competency.

I took the following courses that helped me develop a range of skills:

    • Course 1 (source, date)
    • Course 2 (source, date)
    • Course 3 (source, date)

For professional development I have attended the SLATE (twice) and WEMTA conferences (annually) as well as ISTE (three times) and AASL (biannually). I participate in webinars and professional development activities related to technology at my school. Examples include:

    • Example 1 (location, date)
    • Example 2 (location, date)

I also keep up-to-date through various blogs (see competency 4).

More importantly, I use many technologies to support teaching and learning in my job as a librarian over 12 years and as a teacher for over 25 years.