Apps for Digital Storytelling

These apps will help get you started with digital storytelling. 
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All-in-One Apps for Digital Storytelling

Story Kit (free)
  • iPod Touch/iPhone version
  • Add Images
  • Simple Drawing
  • Record Sound
  • Add Text
  • Records the file for each image individually
  • Final product looks great on the iPad
Sonicpics (free lite version, $2.99 full version)
  • iPhone/iPod version
  • Add Images
  • Record Story
  • Send to computer via URL, email, or post to YouTube (emailed file must be small)
  • Recommended by Kim Dearing

Storyrobe ($0.99)
  • iPhone/iPod Touch version
  • Upload images
  • Record Voice
  • Pictures need to be horizontal or they will be cropped
  • Emails as Quicktime or upload to YouTube


Strip Designer ($2.99)
  • iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad versions
  • Create comic strip pages with images and balloons
Idea Sketch (Free)
  • Lets you create simple mind maps, diagrams, or outlines
  • Like Kidspiration and Inspiration

myMemoir ($1.99)
  • A memoir/journal writing app
  • Searchable
  • Include pictures from photo library
  • Share as ePub or PDF


Pages ($9.99)
  • Word process your script
  • A more simplified version of Pages for the computer
  • Exports to email, pdf, Word,
Evernote (Free)
  • Allows you to do text
  • Take screenshots
  • Pull images 
  • Record voices
  • Sync your account between computer and device for instant sharing
  • The pieces can't run together, but can be used independently

Audiotorium ($7.99-You can use notes for free, but you get no audio recording capabilities)
  • Allows you to type in your script
  • Record your script and playback for rehearsals before official recording


PhotoPad (free)
  • Ability to import pictures from iPad photo library and edit
  • Add, change color, tint, write or illustrate on picture
  • Save into iPhoto library to use in digital story app
Drawing Pad ($1.99)
  • Easy drawing app
  • Like KidPix
  • Created for the iPad
  • Images can be saved to the iPad for use in other story apps

Masque ($5.99-Free lite version)
  • Photo editing
  • Add photos from iPad photo library or sign in and import from Flickr or Facebook. 
  • When finished, share back to iPad photo library, Flickr or Facebook


iTalk Recorder (free)
Voice Memos ($0.99)
  • Recorder for the iPad
  • Can record voice and sound and trim selection before sharing
  • Will sync with iTunes voice memos

AudioNote ($4.99)
  • Import/export notes through iTunes file sharing
  • Export notes in PDF format