Workshop/Talk outline

People tell stories...
  • To explain the world
  • To understand ourselves
  • To reach others
Teachers use stories...
  • To make learning memorable
  • To provide learning context
  • To connect with learners' lives
  • To connect and share with their own communities of teachers

Learners tell stories...
  • To practice language
  • To create
  • To share their ideas and lives

Ways to share stories digitally: Blogging
Digital storytelling
Tools for digital storytelling
 Easy: PowerPoint (or other presentation tool) with text and graphics

 Advanced: Text, images, and audio/video
  • Copyright note: Creative Commons licenses allow certain use of images, sound, and video. If it does not have a CC license, it is not available for your download and use without permission. "Fair use" applies mostly to text in educational settings. An image is not fair use. A small amount of audio may be fair use, but downloaded video is NOT available through fair use. You can link to video, but you need permission to download it. If the download is going back online, then it can be found.
  • Wikimedia Commons – creative commons licensed images, sound, and video:
    Check the media to see if they require that you say where you got them (CC BY), or non-commercial use (CC NC). If they are marked as CC0, then you don't need to say anything.
  • CC Search - creative commons-licensed images, not just on Flickr:
    Check the photos to see if they require that you say where you got them(CC BY), or non-commercial use (CC NC). If they are CC0, then you don't need to say anything.
  • FlickrCC – creative commons-licensed images:
    Like CC Search, check the type of license.
  • - free images that you can use: They'd like it if you buy the authors a cup of coffee, but it's not required for downloading. These are CC0 licensed.
  • Check these sites for freely usable videos - a helpful list from Liza Brown: 
  • Photo editing with Pixlr Editor
  • Apps like Book Creator (iPad and Chrome)
For a more advanced story with audio, you can try one of the following:
Sharing digital stories
  • YouTube (Private or Unlisted)
  • Vimeo
  • Links on social media (carefully)
  • Narrow or broad sharing
Lesson plan for a digital storytelling activity

Outcomes for students
  • Overall: empowerment and community
  • Digitally
    • Product to share easily and broadly
    • 21st century skills
    • Digital literacy
Outcomes for educators
  • Creative expression
  • Stronger skills
  • Empowerment
  • Community

Created by D. Healey; last updated 14 November 2020