Creating Digital Tales in the Classroom

Title: Creating Digital Tales in the Classroom - a learning module for teaching professionals.

Credit: 30 points/30 prof development hours.

Module Overview:

"Digital Stories are short, personal, multimedia tales, told from the heart. Anyone can make them and publish them on screens anywhere. They have the potential to be a very democratic kind of storytelling." -Daniel Meadows

Project-based multi-media learning allows student to acquire new skills and knowledge by designing, planning and producing a product or performance. Digital stories allow student to combine, text, graphics, and sound to convey their information. Digital stories allow students to make real-world connections, providing relevance to their learning. It can be aligned to any core curriculum goals. Some would argue that is time-consuming and yes, project based learning does take place over a more extended time frame but this allows for processing and deeper understanding. Students have an opportunity to use a variety of media to convey their thinking and there are more opportunities for formative assessment throughout the project.

This module will allow you to explore more deeply the justification for digital storytelling and opportunities with this type of project based learning. In addition, you will become more familiar and comfortable with the Fair Use Guidelines for Multimedia in Education.

Finally, you will be able to create your own digital story, as a sound foundation for providing an example to your students and building your confidence in facilitating this project in your classroom!

Rubric for Module

This rubric serves as a guideline for grading.