Webinar 1: Introduction

These are the digital stories that I shared with CIC Teacher Educators in a series of Webinars in the spring of 2009. The stories below are examples of digital stories created by students of Dr. Helen Barrett, and provide examples of using these digital stories for reflection.

Link to first webinar (download in WMV format)

These videos are also included in an online article by Dr. Helen Barrett, "Digital Stories in ePortfolios: Multiple Purposes and Tools." The movies on that page require QuickTime to view. The movies below require Flash Player (and a high speed Internet connection). There is also a full 45-minute video created for a conference in Finland that covers the content of that article, with examples of digital stories used in ePortfolios.

This story was created by a student teacher in a workshop at Kean University.
She wanted to explain what digital storytelling was, and how it would be useful for her students.

How to Create Simple Digital Stories

This web page provides basic instructions and lots of links to resources on creating simple digital stories.

Example 1: Choices-- by Helen Barrett

This digital story was created by Dr. Helen Barrett as an example of a reflective story that related
to a memorable learning experience in her life, and its impact of her career choices.

Example 2: Coming Full Circle -- by student teacher Norm Sutaria

This digital story was created in a workshop at Montclair State University, as a way to thank one of his teachers.
He came into the workshop with a CD full of his photos, and a little piece of paper he had saved for 14 years.

Example 3: Chevak -- by student teacher Stephanie Noah-Wing

This digital story was created by a student teacher at the University of Alaska Anchorage,
where teacher candidates were required to spend two weeks in a rural Alaskan village.
They were also told to take a camera and keep a journal. The script for this story came from her journal.

Example 4: Name Tags -- by Dr. Helen Barrett

This digital story was created by Dr. Barrett for the National Educational Computing Conference in 2007,
as a reflection on professional learning.