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Here are some steps for putting together your Digital Story with VoiceThread:
  1. Write your script in GoogleDocs:
  2. Select some images to go with your digital narrative. Here are some good websites to get Creative Commons images:
  3. Create an account in VoiceThread
  4. Click on My Voice and watch the VoiceThreads that explain how to use the software.
  5. Click Create to make a new voicethread
  6. Select step 1 (Upload from...) and select the source of your image
  7. Select step 2 (Comment at the bottom of the picture) (you will need a microphone for voice recording)

    Select the record button at the bottom of the image
    You will need to approve access to your microphone the first time.
    The program will show that it is recording.
    When you are finished, click the stop recording button.
    If you are happy with the recording, click save.
  8. Repeat steps 1 & 2 for each image (#6 & #7 in this list)
    These are my preferred Playback Options (button at the lower left corner of the screen):

    And these are my preferred Publishing Options (button at the bottom center of the screen)
  9. Only when the Narrative is completely finished, Select Embed and copy one of the two buttons:

    Embed code Copy (the large amount of text beginning with "<object" will be copied to your clipboard and can be pasted into your blog.

    There is also a link that you can copy (Copy this in the lower part) which will add the link beginning with "http://" to your clipboard. You can use this link in an email.

    There is an automatic code for almost every social network or blog EXCEPT Therefore, below you will find instructions for adding a link to this VoiceThread into your blog

  10. To add a link to this VoiceThread into a new blog entry:
    Copy this (just the URL) and paste it into the body of your blog entry, and turn it into a link (using the chain link, paste the link again). If you are using Blogger, you can use the automatic embed code.

    For users, to embed the video in your blog entry, you will need to use VodPod Firefox Extension for WordPress. See another page for more detailed instructions.