-Sept. 3, 2013
Several new pages have been added to the website to better organize and share game resources. Graphic Ideas has been given an outline format to identify specific graphics and their requirements and status. Sound Ideas is just that. A place to try to detail what I want for the sound assets. Sound can be very subjective, even more so than graphics, so it will be full of funky descriptions that I HOPE will give light to what I feel is best for the game.

A Forum was added to communicate with my 2 artists and 1 music guy. I hope it is a place to collaborate smoothly and continuously. Communication is KEY to steady development.   

-Aug. 30, 2013
New features added in version 0.83:
  • Revamped level design for almost all levels. (First Level shown is DEBUG level)
  • New Boss Fight
  • New Block destruction particle effects
  • Retro levels!
  • Wolf Enemy (AI, not graphic)
  • Spark Enemy

    Android Snake Game Project v0.83

-Aug. 28, 2013
Game update. The new retro levels are complete and came out so good that I almost wish I had gone with the retro theme from the start. Also, after looking back on the boss fight, I have determined sucks. It needs more I'm gonna have to rework it heavily. But really, other than that, the levels are complete, the game mechanics are complete and game themes are set. I just need help with graphics, backgrounds and UI assets. I should have a new video up this weekend.

-Aug. 10, 2013
Recruiting Artists:

What I need:
I currently have 0 artist. My two previous artists have completely vanished without a trace. I don't need someone ultra talented. But I do need someone very reliable and willing to stay on board all the way through. 

ALL Graphics need to be created. Everything in the video/images is stand in. 

I am looking for artists 18+ year old, mature and willing to work with other artists. Ideas about game features or non graphics related stuff are welcome but not necessary.  Please include your name and some previous works in your e-mail:   bluespacegames @ gmail . com

 I am NOT looking for super high quality professional type people. While you will be paid if the game sells at all, this project leans more towards casual/indie development where graphics are expected to be on the lower end of the scale. 

If the games fails to sell on the Google Play Store, no money for anyone. Simple as that. If it does, then obviously compensation will be awarded to anyone involved with the project.

Thank you.

-July 29, 2013
I made a pretty big overhaul on almost every level in the game. I made them a good deal easier and cleaned them up of needless clutter. They flow better and just look better then before. Being easier is just a bi product of the clean-up and I am totally fine with that. I have also decided to increase the number of levels. Currently, the plan was to have 12 levels consisting of 9 normal levels, 1 boss and 2 bonus levels. I am going to add a second "page" of levels on the level select screen and for the moment, add 4 more bonus levels. 

Looking way forward, I may add levels in future game patches if needed. The main reason I want to add levels is the idea of having a retro style levels. Retro style in the sense that the blocks will be plain black, plain white background and a completely square snake, just like the original. But with diabolical level design. I can bring back the hard gameplay in these extra levels. I also want to add a second boss level. Why? Because I thought of a second cool boss fight mechanic that I really want to include.

Where the first boss fight will be a straight up shoot out where you just have to hit the boss with your own fireballs over and over as he moves around the level, the second boss will require you to activate dragon statues kill him.

Also, I created a Dragon Google Community that I hope to use a place for player feedback and bug reports. Feel free to join and suggest ideas if you'd like.

-July 9, 2013
I think I may have finally come up with the final name for the game. Since the game is based on the game called "Snake", I will simply call my game "Dragon" Not sure why that didn't come to me earlier. Anyway, I think I also want to have wolves as enemies in the forest levels, and some kind of abstract sparkly ball enemy for the space levels. Currently, the enemy spider roams around randomly, and that's fine. But I want the wolves to run back and forth between points, ideally blocking a powerup or door. And I want the space enemy to move along the perimeter of a room or inner wall.

-July 7, 2013
New features added in version 0.79:
  • Original Dungeon Background!
  • Title Screen song composed by me
  • Dungeon, Forest and Space level  musical themes composed by Dan Kramer.

-April. 8, 2013
New features added in version 0.76:
  • Music! A work in progress song composed by my music composer, dan now plays throughout entire game. Will eventually be the forest theme song.
  • Sound Effects! I created and implemented sound effects. For now, a short chime plays when any power up is picked up.
  • Music/Sound ON/Off option added.
  • The "soul spirit" fireball launched by the dragon statue is now very shiny and cool looking.
  • This fireball now completely destroys the locked wall as opposed to just unlocking it.
  • Touching enemy spiders now makes them glow red for a second to signify a successful "touch"
  • Gems now have a new spinning graphic that is 95% done.
I have come across some display issues on some devices and that has slowed development. Phones with a more horizontal ratio clip the UI.
Once that gets sorted, I will upload a new video.