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Large and small businesses alike struggle with online marketing. It can be difficult and overwhelming to understand what Google wants to see on your site in order to rank it for certain terms.

We also know it can be difficult to find an agency who can work effectively and affordable on your site However, SEO takes time. It's a process that takes many pieces to sync in order to work. There are serval components that need to happen:

Keyword Research

We need to evaluate and research what terms we should try and optimize for. A terms may sound like a term you may want to target, but research may show that few people search for it. In many cases if a client is already running paid search, we will see which terms convert well and then try to optimize for those. It's a strategy that has worked well for many years for our clients. 

Content Creation

The internet is about content. The internet wouldn't exist without it. Keyword research also plays a role into what keywords we should target when writing. The content has to appeal to the people who are looking for our service or products. The content needs to be researched and written, It doesn't end there - we then need to get it in front of people who will share and engage with it. 

This will take us to the next section which is social. 

Social Media

Social media is difficult for many small business owners to wrap their heads around. They aren't sure about how to use it and how it's suppose to translate into sales. Social media can help your SEO in a number of ways. Sharing content on social media will give you exposure to people interested in your content. This will drive traffic and hopefully links pointing back to your site to help improve your domain authority. 

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Why Search Engines Marketing?

West Orange, NJ SEO
It's not enough these days to just build a site. Even if you optimize the copy there is no guarantee that it will rank well. That is why it's important to work with an agency who has experience in delivering results to clients. 

We have over a decade in the industry. Some of our services include:

We pride our selves on ensuring clients understand how their business is performing online. We do this by providing client  with their own dashboard that clearly explains their sites performance. Something many agencies do not do. 

SEO supports your other online marketing efforts. SEO works along side other marketing initiatives. Social media marketing, paid search, content marketing, press releases all aid in supporting your search engine strategy. 

Local business need the most help because many of their sites aren't mobile friendly. There are more people using and searching from mobile devices. Small business owners have websites that haven't been updated in the last 7 years. Technology advancements have made it easy for people to search anywhere they are and use their current location.

If you know how to using search engines like Google to show your business around certain searches, then you have nothing to worry about. However, I've met very few businesses that know  what to do and how. 

SEO Reporting

SEO Dashboard
If you've ever dealt with an agency before you may or may not have been receiving monthly SEO reports. This is a credible tasks that you must do with your agency. It's the only way to know if the working being done is being done.

What we have done is made it so much easies for clients. to see what's going on inside their SEO campaign with our dashboard. The dashboard is password protected and clients can login at any time to see...

Rankings - this is reporting on the position of keywords in the search engines

Tasks - both tasks we have completed and are working on. Including any items you the client need to wok on. 

Our dashboard keeps the guess work out of whats being done and what still needs to be done. You won't ever have to worry about where your money is going. 

Our services include SEO, paid search, local SEO or other related services. You don't need to be located in NJ to use our services. We service clients around the world.