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Today more than ever before the world faces many difficult and complex problems where the development of broad and powerful thinking is needed. And with these complexities we should be developing ways to educate our students in the context of human intellectual development. Instead we find in our schools an instructional system that reflects more on reptilian ritualization of the educational process. We need to find ways to expand the neocortical functions of the student rather than repressing the mind and its development.


A new generation of students expects a learning environment that integrates today’s digital tools, accommodates a mobile lifestyle, adapts to individual learning styles and encourages collaboration and teamwork. The Digital Sandbox website is designed to explore the latest technology tools and solutions available to help schools build 21st century learning environments that motivate and engage today's students. The website will provide multiple examples of media-rich projects, investigate the new world of podcasting, vodcasting, blogs, wiki’s, web 2.0, digital storytelling, and demonstrate ways to integrate these new technology into the classroom.


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