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A Round Trip Ticket has been created as a training guide for both Google Earth and Google Sky. The 24 slide presentation includes all the major Google Earth tools with interactive video lessons. Viewers will learn how to create narratives, and imbed video hyperlinks within a place mark window as well as create thematic virtual trips. A special section has been provided for creating image layers through creative commons searches. Viewers will learn how to navigate, measure, search, set layers, create scripts with hyperlinks, save a tour as a kmz file, resize overlays with links, and embed kmz files into a presentation.


At the end of the presentation you will “Vault into the Heavens” by taking a short tour of Google Sky and many of its features. Google has a new venture called Google Sky. The new feature allows users to get close views to 100 million galaxies and 200 million stars. To view the Google Sky, download the recent version Google earth software. To launch the Sky application, go to view and select to ‘switch to sky’. With Google Sky you can zoom in to see stars, planets, and constellations.


Many reference resources have been added to the presentation including Google Earth and Sky virtual trips. In “Take A Tour of the Planets”, Einstein appears to introduce, Saturn, Mercury and Venus which are the predominated August planets now hovering over North America.

Using Hyperlinks In KMZ Files

The Cosmos 

In this video I recorded my sound files using Audacity to create the reverb effect and to mix SonicPro4 royalty free music. The second step was to edit short video clips using Microsoft MovieMaker as the sound files were imported into the video editor. The next step will be to create a url in Teacher Tube by downloading the video and then import the url into a Google Sky KMZ file. To learn more about using urls as part of a digital lesson go to A Round Trip ticket to Google Earth and Sky