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Create a Google Earth Trip

To Get Started
First, input the address for your school and look at it through the lens of Google Earth. To do this in the "Search" box at the upper left side of Google Earth enter the address for your school. This will then take you to your site. Use the controls to explore the school and surrounding area.

Next go to Google Lit trips. These are wonderful trips around the globe for some classic literature that California students study. Created by a retired high school teacher, Jerome Burg, these tours are easily replicable and very powerful. The "Getting Started" tab at the top left of the Google Lit Trips will show a few videos on how to use the Google Lit Trips and view them.

Search through the lit trips and find one you like. Download the file (.kmz) to your computer. Next double click the file or in Google Earth go to File>Import File and import the lit trip. This will then launch a trip which you will see in your Places menu on the left side. Start the tour by pressing the play button.

Marking places is key to creating a tour in Google Earth. A Google Earth tour consists of numerous locations that are placemarked each with information related to your topic area. These placemarkers are held within a folder for your tour. When your tour is complete you may save that folder as a Google Earth file that ends with the .kmz extension. These files may be posted on a website, emailed or shared with other electronically. When a friend or person who downloaded your tour opens it within Google Earth, they will be able to take part in your virtual tour seeing all your images, reading your information or watching your videos! The nice part is that the process is very easy and straight forward.

In our video segments we've posted a video showcasing how to create a Google Earth tour, please watch this video on the next page to learn more.

You are going to create a Google Earth tour as outlined in the video on the next page.