21st Century Construction Paper

Welcome to Washington DC and NECC 2009! Thanks for participating in our session. 

Here are resources for our 21st Century Construction Paper Course. 

Images for session:
Picassa album of DC Images
Flickr album of DC Images

These images are also on the CD you'll have in the session.

To begin we'll capture a few thoughts and post some questions in Thinkature. Click to get started in our work.

We'll also capture some other information in Google Docs and Forms (see below).

For additional resources used during this session click here for the resources page.

To watch screencasts explaining how to use Google Tools click here.

For updated information, how-to lessons, and more check out the OCDE pages and at the OCDE Google Pages.

I can always be reached by email at: digitalroberto at gmail.com (obviously replace the at with @). 

Please fill out the ISTE Workshop Session Evaluation.

Washington DC