Overview of Class

In unit one, we’re teaching students that our assignments have meat-space applicability and academic import.  We also need to stress the importance of thinking rhetorically beyond simply for presentation’s sake.  In addition to thinking about the web theoretically and rhetorically, we want to facilitate students’ actually doing.  More than passively consuming technology, in the second unit, students will be given the opportunity to produce digital artifacts.   In our third unit, we will prompt students to explore visual rhetoric and rhetorical situations, intertexuality and accessibility.  Through examining symbols, pictures, and other signs related to usability, we will help students understand the complicated interactions between print and digitality.  The fourth unit deals with exploring access to information in meat space and digital space and the overlap between them.  Students will create real-time archives in an attempt to explore how others would access this information.  Collaboration will also be stressed in the fourth unit, through group work and the lens of access.