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Four Square Menu

Four Square Menu:

A four-square menu is simply that, 4 squares.  There are projects to choose from in each square.  Students choose 1 activity in each square and must complete four squares.


This type of menu can be modified by requiring more or less squares.

  • Leave 1 square blank.  Students can create their own project guidelines to prove knowledge of the project objective.
  • Teacher can pre-determine grouping for projects
  • The teacher can give guidelines for grouping
    • Complete 4 activities.  Two activities can be done in a group of 4, one must be done independently and one must be done with a partner.  You can choose which project is done in each setting.

Example: Four Square Menu - American Revolution

Demonstrate your understanding of how the Colonies won the Revolution by completing 3 projects from the menu below. 
  • No more than 1 activity from each square
  • Any "Student Choice" activity must be pre-approved by the teacher
  • 1 activity can be done with a partner; other 2 activities must be done independently
  • Submit the "Four-Square Menu Plan" before beginning your project.
  • Due Dates:
    • Project 1: March 1
    • Project 2: March 5
    • Project 3: March 8
    • All Presentations: March 9-10

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