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Baseball Menu

Regular Baseball Menu

For this type of choice menu, students will need to understand the basics of scoring a "run" in baseball (softball or kickball also work).  It usually works better with older students.

The teacher determines the number of runs each student must score.  Each project is assigned a "hit" value.  A single is worth 1 base, a double is worth 2 bases, a triple is 3 bases and a home run is 4 bases (a run).  Students choose projects that must add up to the required number of runs (4 bases = 1 run). 

Modified Baseball Menu

Modifying this menu can be done by changing the values of the projects and/or the number of runs needed.

Other Options:

Collaborative Grouping Option 1:  Collaborative grouping is designed by the teacher and is maintained throughout all projects.  "Teams" must work together to earn the runs. 

Collaborative Grouping Option 2:  The teacher determines how many students may work collaboratively on each individual project. Students may work together or a double, and with a different group or independently on a single. Each student must keep track of his/her own "runs."

Example: Biomes Baseball Menu

  • For this assignment, you will need to score 2 runs. 
  • To score a run, you will choose and complete activities to complete 1 trip around the bases (=4).
  • You will work in collaborative groups of 4 throughout this project.  Runs will be earned as a team.
  • Please complete your line-up before beginning.
  • Please complete and submit a score card after earning each run.
  • Due Dates:
    • Run 1: March 1
    • Run 2: March 7

4 Singles = 1 run
2 Singles and 1 Double = 1 run
1 Single and 1 Triple = 1 run
2 Doubles = 1 run
1 Homerun = 1 run

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