NCCE Teacher Librarian Summit Presentation


Preview of Tools


For example:

Tools to try:
Things to consider: 
    • How will you share the screencast?
    • Where will users find it?
    • How can you keep it short enough to keep their attention while still being long enough to be informative?

Webinar Creation

For example: Video Demonstration (AnyMeeting) (Join.Me)

Tools to try:
Things to Consider:
    • Number of participants - does your selected tool support your audience size?
    • Method of delivery - interactive or listen-only?
    • Can it be recorded for future/repeat use?
    • Content - what will you be sharing?
If you are interested in Webinar creation, check out Jane Miller's session "All Call For Those Wanting To Host Their Own Webinars"

Online Content Delivery

Tools to try: