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Cell Phone Bill Money Saver APP - $1.99

Our goal at MobileForce is to give the customers simple analytical tools that help them to buy wisely especially in complex pricing scenarios . This APP effectively helps you learn whether you should make the jump to the latest carrier pricing innovation driven no-service contract, device paid in installments wireless plan from your traditional discounted handset price in return for a 2 year contract lock in monthly recurring bill charges.

Buy or upgrade your phone wisely! 

Ever get that sinking feeling when buying a new phone plan or upgrading to a phone plan that you cannot tell whether your current bill is better or worse off than your new bill? Carriers have made their plans a bit more complex by including device installment plans alongside their carrier monthly service charge bills. Of course, if you own your device outright, then the calculation is simpler as you can compare your current total monthly bill charge against your new total monthly bill charge and see if you are better off. It gets tricky when you are buying a device under an installment plan and then comparing with a plan where you got a device for a lower price in return for a 2 year contract lock. If you now want to break that 2 year contract and move to a no-contract plan where the only contract you are bound to is your device installment financing, then a more sophisticated comparing tool is required. This is what this MobileForce Inc's App does for you.
It is not always a given that a no-service contract, device installment plan would be cheaper than a plan that gives you a lower handset price in return for a 2 year service contract lock in. You will have to look at several things. Carriers calculate smartphone and tablet devices' monthly installment charge in the same way as an auto loan company does when you finance a car purchase. All aspects of an auto loan such as the loan time period, APR, down payment, trade-in value and so on apply to a device installment plan as well. While in auto loans, the time to repay may be as high as 6 years (72 months) as cars last longer, that may not be the case with a smartphone or tablet device which may last between 2 and 3 years. So, device installment plans are normally offered by carrier for 24 months.
Your down payment requirements and monthly finance charge for the handset installment plan depend on your credit rating and the APR offered by your carrier. Like car companies offer 0% APR on a promotional basis or for well qualified customers, so do some carriers. Your monthly finance charge therefore could vary from someone else's because of differences in down payment and the APR rate. This APP helps you calculate the monthly installment charge when you input your down payment, APR rate and trade-in value of your old devices if any. This App also calculates your upfront out-of pocket costs if you have to pay ETFs to break your current contract. Any bill credit or port in credit offered by your carrier to entice you to switch can also be inputted as they help pay down your out of pocket costs.
Needless to say, an error in your current versus new plan charge comparison calculation could mean tens of dollars more in payout to your new carrier over the course of your time with them. You surely want to avoid that.

Shiva Badruswamy,
Apr 6, 2014, 5:52 PM