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Quick Quota Calculator

Calculate your way to pocket those extra dollars that you deserve!!!

This quick calculator can be used to calculate your gross quota attainment and what you will be paid as your variable commission bonus. You will need your at risk pay (variable portion of your commissions pay) as an input, the target quota that was set for you to sell and your actual achievement so far (before the deal you are negotiating), and the amount this deal would contribute to your attainment. This calculator does not incorporate effects of accelerators and decelerators and other kicker effects such as fast start (incentives to bring sales early) but all that's coming in subsequent versions. When you are on the go and talking to a customer you can calculate on the fly what your quota attainment is likely to be after a deal closes and how much your variable pay will be as a result.

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Quick CLV calculator

Get loved by your deals approval desk and your compensation analysts!!!

When prospecting, it is very important to focus on customers that generate higher Customer Lifetime Values (CLVs). What is a CLV? A CLV is the amount of recurring revenues less recurring dervice costs and one time fixed costs totaled over the contract tenure of the customer. A CLV gives a good idea of how financially attractive the customer is to your company. Focusing on high CLV customers will stand you in good stead as your company's compensation analysts and deals desk will love you and pay you more for acquiring or retaining customers with high CLV to your company. A high CLV customer translates to higher bottom line and a higher revenue run rate for the company. This FREE calculator is designed to let you capture data for 3 prospective customers and then compute their CLVs so you can make appropriate decisions about which prospect(s) to focus on. The App allows inputs up to 8 monthly recurring and one time costs. You can input these 8 fields for up to 3 prospective customers so you can compare CLVs. You can clear data separately for each of the customers.

Note: This APP is best viewed on a 10-inch tablet if you are computing CLV for all 3 prospects.

The future versions of this APP will be designed to compute other deal yardsticks such as deal margins and payback period. These yardsticks are important to know when negotiating a deal as your likelihood of getting approval from your deals desk hinges on crossing these hurdle rates.

These APPs were created by Shiva Badruswamy, an expert sales strategist. More about him at http://www.linkedin.com/in/shivabadruswamy/

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