CLIPPER Pricing Analysis of Amazon Web Services' EC2 Compute Bundle

An analysis of Amazon Web Services' EC2 Compute Service bundled pricing can help plan capacities and purchase the right EC2 Compute bundle! We analyze the General Purpose Compute Bundle that AWS recommends for applications such as Small and mid-size databases, data processing, encoding, caching, SAP, Microsoft SharePoint and other enterprise applications. Cloud hosting and compute services is a complex area and we at MobileForce would like to make it easier for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) to spend the right amount of money for right amount of compute-hosting-management power. The charts such as ones below help us demystify cloud pricing to a certain extent. These charts are live and dynamically change as we change our spreadsheets data on the Google Cloud.

Chart 1: General Purposes Instance Total Dollars

Chart 2: General Purpose Instances Total Dollars per ECU