About DMF

Cloud Automation, Orchestration, DevOps, Architecting, Spend Analysis and Readiness Assessment Company. AI/ML Analytics, BigData Pipelining, Web Services, Digital Marketing.

Things we do

  • We are a Big Data Analytics/BI, DevOps Automation and Readiness Assessment company. 
  • We can set up continuous integration and deployment of services/micro services in a load-balanced, secure, fault-tolerant, highly available configuration in AWS and GCP clouds, especially in Big Data and AI/ML Analytics/BI Visualization domains. 
  • We can optimize your cloud costs by intelligently orchestrating resources for dynamically changing workload conditions such as real-time data streaming and memory-intensive workloads. 
  • We are also experts in tuning scrum processes and repository-based collaborations to improve engineering and product management productivity. 
  • Ideation to post-launch Product Management and Strategy

A Snapshot Of Recently Completed/Presented Cloud Projects

• Orchestration of GitLab Environment on AWS:  Deployed instances of GitLab CE and EE AMIs using AWS CloudFormation architecting tool and JSON templates.Deployed user scripts to configure/ customize /integrate with customer's existing authorization and authentication environment. Instances launched in a VPC with multiple private/Public subnets configuration. Data transfer from existing instances via DMS replication service.  Work included configuring load-balancer, active-passive record sets for DNS translation in private and public hosted zones with Digital Certification server for HTTPS access, IAM groups for role-based access to AWS resources, auto-scaling setup, custom routing tables for specific route overlays, SNS publish-subscribe service, SES email service, in-memory caching, in-memory DB replication, multiple VPN access via a VPN Gateway to the VPC for several private customer networks, SSH and HTTPS access via Internet Gateway for public customers, port configs such as UDP ports for monitoring and SES/SNS services, inter-instances communication via UDP, etc. Click here to view a sample portion of the deployment architecture.

• Managed Amazon Web Services Image Launches: Automated Drupal/WordPress CMS application launches via AWS Cloud Formation (CF) Templates (AWS stack-designer to quick architect). Modified CF JSON templates and used shell scripts (AWS CLI/Python, openSSL for key generation, git commands for repos, Iterm2/bash for interfaces) for customer-defined security groups/IAM roles, CloudWatch auto scaling, Multi-AZ RDS failover, S3 & DynamoDB (NoSQL) instance configuration etc. 

Managed Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Kubernetes Container Launches: Deployed and exposed workloads using Kubernetes and Jenkins continuous integration/continuous deployment framework. Adept at using CloudShell, built-in gCloud CLI, kubectl (kubernetes shell), YAML/config scripts, Regex syntax to automate deployment, scheduling, monitoring, securing and load balancing images/pods. Adept at exposing services to external ports and simplifying scripting via environment variables, grep pattern recognition etc.

CLIPPERTM Infrastructure Spend Analysis Tool and Service

Using our in-house developed CLIPPERTM  spend analysis tool, we can help forecast your cloud service providers' pricing bills. This can help optimize cost and performance for complex cloud services needed to deploy your applications . Cloud infrastructure pricing is a complex area and varies based on your computing power needs, storage needs, server location, type of instances and operating systems, on-demand or reserved instances and so on. There's lot to be worked out to optimize your cloud infrastructure costs. Using our tool and in-depth architectural knowledge in cloud computing, we can help architect the right environment that minimizes cost for a given performance need.

At DigitalMobileForce, we used the CLIPPERTM tool to generate several sample analysis for different spend scenarios. Please review them here to understand what the tool can do for you.

Mobile and Web Apps

Additionally, we also publish mobile and web apps. 

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