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Managed cloud, analytics and web services for start-ups and SMBs

At MobileForce our charter is to do three main things:

  • Publish mobile apps to empower the 21st century discerning customer and the connected sales force selling to them.
  • Provide expert analytically driven sales strategy and pricing consulting in domains such as cloud computing, device and services pricing, customer success tools, go-to-market strategy, channel partner and direct sales compensation design, SMB/Enterprise grade solutions-selling and mobility-technology deal structuring. 
  • Connected Solutions Design: Intelligent Systems, Embedded Solutions, Connected Devices (M2M) and platforms solution consulting for rapidly enabling The Internet of Things World.

Why Apps and Sales Strategy consulting? 

In this era, it is very important to focus on analytically driven business development and Go to market Strategies. For instance, customer LTVs (life time values) that are at least 3 times your CAC (customer acquisition costs) provide for a sustainable cash flow positive business model. Therefore, not only developing an analytically focused sales strategy consulting practice is required but also tools such as analytical apps that empower the modern customers and frontline to negotiate deals in a smart way that is rewarding for all parties involved is imperative. MobileForce's mission is to be at the crossroads of the rapidly evolving digital business climate and help drive clarity in a complex business ecosystem. 

Why Connected Devices Data Solutions? 

By 2020, IDC expects 50 Billion devices to be connected. Out of these 47 Billion devices are NOT smart phones or tablets or hotspots. This means solutions and tools design for the 47 Billion odd devices must be developed and put in play. All these devices would also need mobile bandwidth and cloud computing services. Further, data that these devices generate must be processed into meaningful information to generate consistent customer value. MobileForce hopes to play in all these areas to add unique value to our customers and partners.

MobileForce Inc is 100% owned by Accuserve US Inc., a company focused on providing valuation, revenue modeling, sales and financial analytics for venture financed start-up companies. If you are in need of business plans, revenue modeling, RoI analytics, Sales Conversion Analytics, and general company valuation please contact Accuserve US Inc. Visit Accuserve by clicking here.

Empowering the 21st Century frontline with mobile phone and tablet apps

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Note: All our Apps are Published on on Google Play Store and work on 5000+ Android Devices

Cloud Computing Pricing Analyzer and Right-Fit Service Provider Recommender

Using our CLIPPERTM tool, MobileForce can help forecast your cloud infrastructure provider's pricing bills and help you optimize the right service bundles for your applications that minimizes cost and maximizes performance. Cloud infrastructure pricing is a complex area and varies based on your computing power needs, storage needs, server location, type of instances and operating systems, on-demand or reserved instances and so on. There's lot to be worked out to optimize your cloud infrastructure costs. 

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