Connected Devices Solutions Practice

In this page, we show case solutions MobileForce is engaged with and aims to center its solutions around for resale and consulting. MobileForce is not only able to resell such hardware but also bundle wholesale wireless data connectivity solutions and apps solutions consulting around these platforms.

Remote Presence System

Augmented Reality Drone

Remote Presence System
This cool virtual presence system from Suitable Technologies epitomizes future office collaboration and remote presence applications. I had the opportunity to test this system and I have to admit I am thrilled about the business model.

Augmented Reality Drone (AR Drone)
Augmented Reality Drone from Parrot SA is after our hearts for the comprehensive, user friendly way of piloting and employing aerial video/photography shootouts. This phone and tablet Apps based solution is ideal for outdoor entertainment as well as serious videography. I own one of these and it is serious fun!