MobileForce's CLIPPER Simple Cloud Computing Fee Calculator

The Google Cloud AppEngine is an optimal instance package for SMBs that require a service where almost all aspects of cloud deployment and management are handled by Google Cloud, leaving the SMBs to focus on code development, testing, and release. The Google Cloud App Engine is ideal for moderate sized applications (it cannot be used for big data, high performance computing, and other complex application infrastructure) as Google Cloud has designed the AppEngine Instances Bundle around processing power, operations, and storage at moderate capacities. In return you save on administration and other infrastructure operations costs such as load balancing and protocol forwarding etc. Also, there are some networking advantages to App Engine as Google Cloud makes Virtual IPs available only for the App Engine VMs but not for their regular compute engine VMs, where  only static IPs are available. We will be happy to consult and use our tools to get you the best-fit solution for your application needs. 
MobileForce's CLIPPERTM Service has now released a Simple Fee Calculator for computing your App Engine Deployment's Likely Monthly Bill. This is the only calculator you would need to price out the AppEngine instances pricing along with associated services. The CLIPPERTM Simple Fee Calculator for Google Cloud AppEngine services captures pricing inputs for 17 components associated with AppEngine in domains such as VM instances, instance storage, general purpose storage, networking services including ingress and egress fees by origin and destination zones, memory Cache Storage and operations, Special Purpose Storage Operations for NoSQL data stores, Search Operations, Indexing, and Indexed Document storage and so much more. The CLIPPERTM Simple Fee Calculator also automatically applies the sustained use discount that Google has created in an innovative way (based on instance utilization rates) but is a hard to apply parameter. Additional metrics including the ability to view fees paid to CSPs per unit of the main service you availed helps SMBs normalize and truly compare their payouts across different CSP vendors. Below are a few screenshots of the tool to demonstrate our expertise in cloud computing pricing. A mobile version of the tool is also available on the Android Play Store for only $4.99. 
CLIPPER Simple Calculator Input Screen
(Disclosure Note: The tool requires you to log in and your userID and timestamp are captured)

Chart Displaying Usage Fees Paid by Main Service and Additional Services