MobileForce's CLIPPER Best-Fit CSP Finder Service

CLIPPERTM Cloud Pricing Analyzer service not only helps you forecast the best possible pricing but also helps find the best-fit cloud service provider (CSP) that can accommodate your unique cloud infrastructure needs. MobileForce has reviewed major CSPs on 13 major feature dimensions and 63 sub-feature dimensions, providing us with a comprehensive view of the latest developments in the cloud infrastructure space. We have parametrized and databased this information and update it as CSPs release new services and innovations. 

The 13 major feature dimensions along which we have evaluated the CSPs are:

  1. Application Services
  2. Configurable Cloud Services Instances
  3. Content Management & Delivery
  4. Data Services
  5. Deployment & Management Services
  6. Identity & Access Services
  7. Monitoring Services
  8. Networking Services
  9. Pre-configured VM Instances
  10. Pricing Types
  11. Storage Services
  12. Support Community 
  13. Compute Resources

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As an illustration of a sub-feature set dimension, we have shown below the 11 sub-feature sets assessed under "Application Services" main feature dimension.
  1. Search Solution Deployment and Management 
  2. Task coordination and state management service 
  3. Managed message queuing service 
  4. Managed mobile devices push messaging service 
  5. Outbound-only email-sending service 
  6. Media transcoding 
  7. Language Translation Service 
  8. Predictive Analysis Service 
  9. B2B and Enterprise Application Integration 
  10. Asset Lifecycle Management 
  11. Resource Intensive Applications Streaming