CLIPPER Pricing Analysis of AWS Windows Instances

Conclusion: If you have to use Windows with SQL OS, try to have your applications developed on Windows with SQL Web rather than Windows with SQL Standard.
MobileForce Analyzed Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 Cloud Pricing for Instances running on Windows OS, Windows OS with SQL Standard and Windows OS with SQL Web. The billing units (number of instance hours) is the same for all 3 scenarios and the red line in the charts shows the variable instance hours consumption over 36 months timeline. We have chosen a 12-month medium utilization service pack as the optimal fit here. Under these assumptions, MobileForce calculates that the AWS Windows instance without any SQL is the cheapest with a 3 year fee payout of $1.1 Million. AWS Windows with SQL Web comes in second at a fee payout of $1.6 Million. The most expensive is AWS Windows with SQL Standard and you can expect to pay $3.2 Million over a 3 year timeline. In other words, AWS Windows with SQL Standard costs almost 3 times AWS with Windows Only instances and almost 2 times AWS with Windows SQL Web instance. The charts below are self-explanatory and compares the three operating system instances.

AWS Windows Only

AWS Windows OS with SQL Standard 

AWS Windows OS with SQL Web