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Important Note on CLIPPERTM Tool's Cloud Computing Pricing: Currently, we help analyze Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Compute Engine VMs Only. We do include Micro Instances and Load Balancing add-ons in our analysis. Wherever available, we only calculate pricing for Linux/Unix basic versions, Windows, Windows with SQL Web, Windows with SQL Standard, and Windows with SQL Enterprise OS. We do not yet calculate pricing for premium Linux/Unix versions such as RHEL and SUSE. Also, we do not yet calculate data storage and ingress or egress network pricing fees for these CSPs. We also compute only for US based data centers of these CSPs. As time progresses, we will add more to our service. 
Calculating with Wireless Service Plans built in for fails safe back up: MobileForce can also deal structure and calculate a bundled package with cloud computing and wireless capacity built in. While carriers' wireless plans are different in pricing structure compared to cloud computing service providers (CSPs), there are some similarities such as on-demand versus reserved plans. We can structure a bundled service where you will pay for cloud computing and wireless mobility in the same way. Contact us for more details.

Cloud Computing Pricing Optimizer