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Shiva Badruswamy
President & CEO
Expert Channel Strategy and Analytics professional with in-depth experience and leadership supporting and collaborating across 700+ direct and indirect sales reps, 30+ channel partners, 18+ cross functional teams across 12+ B2B selling channels in following areas: Sales Strategy, Channel Analytics Design, Channel Partner Deal Structuring, Service and Device Pricing & Negotiations, Direct Sales and Indirect Partner compensation design, Partner evaluation, Business development, Go-to-market strategy, Customer success tools design, Financial modeling, and Complex bid environments.
I bring a passion for customer obsession, collaborative environments, and creativity leveraging my 6 years of large company experience and 6 years of Small/Mid size company experience.
I bring a passion for customer obsession, collaborative environments, and creativity leveraging my 6 years of large company experience and 6 years of Small/Mid size company experience.


"I have had the pleasure with working with Shiva first hand and he is extremely detail oriented and most importantly provides solutions to problems that do arise. He is highly organized, a great resource and very much engaged with customers and colleagues."
Daoud Naouri - Sr. Partner Manager, B2B Wholesale, T-Mobile US Inc.


Pinnacle Award                                 
An award for top 10 performers in the business support roles issued by B2B leadership. Selected from within a pool of 25 nominees drawn from across the 300-person support organization.

Mid-Market NorthEast Area sales' Director's #1 Team Player Award

Awarded by Andrew Rainone, Director MM NorthEast Sales, for designing a cost saving and elegant international roaming solutions strategy for a key customer out of New York. This was a marquee win for the MM NorthEast team.

Shiva's specific experiences in pricing analysis and customer success tools design

·    Cloud Computing Pricing Strategy: Developed an entire consulting practice around cloud computing pricing strategy. Developed and trade marked a new cloud computing pricing analytics tool called CLIPPER™. The CLIPPER spreadsheet based tool resides on the Google Cloud and can be used to simulate your monthly cloud infrastructure bills across the 3 major CSPs – AWS, Google Cloud, and MS Azure. CLIPPER™ compares for all US regions for both pay-as-you-go as well as reserved instances across all major OS such as Linux, Windows, Windows with SQL and pre-optimized instances for High Performance Cluster Computing, Storage Intensive, Memory Intensive, Compute Intensive, Relational Data Store as well as NoSQL instances etc. CLIPPER™ can also price analyze select add-on services such as MapReduce and Load Balancing services.

·     Direct Sales Devices Pricing: Teamed with product marketing and FP&A to model and validate a tiered pricing framework for high end smart phones such as iPhones, Samsung Galaxy Phones, HTC Sensation, Sony Experia, Nokia Lumia Windows Phones, Blackberry and Mobile broadband devices such as iPADs, and Galaxy Tablets across all stages of product life cycle including new generation releases, COB and Return Queue devices. Developed a new monthly recurring revenue tier - device price matrix that saved B2B 18% in annual market invest and contributed to a 5% improvement in EBITDA.

·     Direct Sales Services Pricing: Created new monthly recurring revenue service plans for the federal government business that improved penetration by 24% in season one of GSA procurement itself. Analyzed international carriers’ plans to develop new pricing paradigms such as tiered stackable data and unlimited data plans.

·     Wholesale Services Pricing: Developed new pricing around wholesale data capacities for standalone sale as well as packaged sale with third party services such as cloud computing, VoIP, and fail-safe shared data capacities. 

·    Pricing Models Development: Developed extensive what-if analysis and simulation based spreadsheets for modeling pay-as-you-go as well as reserved voice and data capacities such as pooled and stackable data plans, global roaming data plans, and large data capacity mobile broadband plans. Modeling parameters included cannibalization impact, current subscriber base churn impact, cross-product migration effects, cross-channel migration effects, market share and lift impact, marketing campaign spend for a target lift justification, and capital expenditure spend for systems build out justification. 

Customer Success Tools: Created customer success tools such as service plan optimization tools, pricing what-if modelers, residual compensation calculators, MRR calculators etc. Created Go Forward Marketing and Sales Strategy Playbooks for Channel Partners and VaRs that captured specific market intelligence, Field metrics from customers, partners, and sub-partners and then designed forecasting funnels, lead conversion targets, Customer Acquisition and Retention Costs profile, Minimum Viable Product Portfolio, Service and Device pricing profiles, ROMI profile, Churn profile, and Residual Compensation Maximization scenario models. 

Shiva's specific experiences in direct and indirect partner sales strategy

·     Direct Sales Deal Structuring: Structured custom solutions for diverse bidding environments (Auctions, RFPs, FreeMove, E-Rate, Single Sales Opportunities) and device purchase frameworks (MBB, BYOD, SIM Only, 3rd party fulfillment etc). Structured and approved deals for more than 600 Enterprise/MNC, Federal Gov, Mid-Market, and State & Local Gov customers. Recognized repeatedly for structuring multi-million dollar deals with innovative terms that have won TMUS customers with high CLVs.

·     Direct Sales Compensation Design and Analytics: Working cross functionally with B2B Sales, HR and The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), designed and obtained leadership buy-in for a transformative way of compensating the B2B frontline based on Net Revenue rather than traditional volume attainment. Established soundness of concept through extensive modeling. Helped design pay mix weights, attainment gates, accelerators/decelerators, and a 25-parameter potential-based quota model.

·     Channel Partner/Value Added Reseller Channel Incentives Design: Proposed and won approval from the Enterprise Steering Board (a forum of SVPs), a radical business transformation strategy and residual compensation redesign for a $40MM annual revenues, $60MM Comp Payout, 9X growth in revenue base program that required a 20K acts capacity web-portal fulfillment, and a 20% cost saving device fulfillment strategy. Collaborated with finance, marketing and commissions teams, to design offers, SPIFFs, tiered residual comp plans. Result: increased activations 3X, reduced churn 70 basis points, and netted top decile 50+ ARPU business.

·     Value Added Reseller/Channel Partner Device forecasting: Partnered with B2B Supply Chain and fulfillment vendor Ingram Micro to capture inventory system shocks arising from large channel partner deals and spikes due to new device introduction and upgrades. Collaborated with Product Marketing to design and incorporate a “device buzz factor” that helped forecast spikes over the regular Essbase based run rate model.

·     B2B Indirect Portal Strategy: Partnered with B2B Sales Operations and Deloitte Consulting to evaluate six vendors and system integrators. Designed a 30-parameter evaluation checklist. Result: recommended a SaaS based portal that integrated with internal SalesForce modules, for fulfilling all of the 5 segments under the B2B Indirect Business at the best possible NPV.

·     Channel Partner Go To Market Strategy: Collaborated with Sales Ops, Supply Chain, Pricing, Channel Steering, FP&A and other groups to create copy materials and workspace collaboration for B2B Channel Partner conference in Las Vegas. Created and trained both direct and indirect field reps on referral opportunities, channel partner business models and compensation. Negotiated Market Development Funds (MDFs) with OEMs such as Samsung for large Channel Partner deals and direct sales deals.