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Shiva Badruswamy

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Shiva is an expert technical product manager. He has managed great teams in F100, SMBs and start-ups to launch entire ecosystems of high-performance, hyper-scale SaaS/PaaS/DaaS workloads in Advanced Analytics, CRM, e-Sports, and Digital Marketing domains. His top skills include launching killer features for sustainable differentiation usually through closed-loop UX, hyper-scale deployments, predictive (ML)/prescriptive (AI) analytics on big data, custom visualizations, API extensions, marketplaces, seamless data migration and schema re-architecting, and value-added cloud performance services.

Shiva's characteristics below allow him to be a complete architect and product manager to build and launch hyper-scale applications:
  • Keen eye for spotting mega-trends, head and tail winds to timeline a product's genesis, growth, end of life, re-launch. 
  • Up-to-date, in-depth knowledge of hyper-scale architecture and data science ensures instant credibility with Engineering/DevOps/UX/Marketing teams during story boarding, feature prioritization, and engineering design. 
  • Embody a “fail-fast, learn, iterate” mindset balanced by unit-cost economics/sprint velocity/engineering limitations. 
  • Compelling story teller that gets technical and non-technical teams deeply vested in product’s success 
  • Adept at using data science to gain needle-moving insights for go/no-go decisions: validating riskiest hypotheses, field testing MVPs, fine-tuning through post-launch metrics. 
  • Proven ability to write "Ready" and "Done" tickets and improve DevOps to ship features rapidly. 
  • DevOps Experience: Career genesis in engineering. Ability to write complex scripts (C++, GO, R, SQL) to set up automation and security environments. 
  • Critical thinking: Continuously earn rigorous, work skills enhancing certifications in product management, problem solving, Agile SCRUM, Distributed Computing/Networking, Data Science, and Big Data orchestrations. 
  • Community outreach: Contribute open source code for IaaS protocols. Avid publisher of thought provoking content in top social media, own blogs and eBooks. Mentored and coached PMs, founders, engineers.

Specific Projects Managed in Leading Companies

At GE Digital:

Project 1: GE-Google Big Data/Analytics DaaS Launch (BETA): A decade of EMR (CRM like) software implementations in super large hospitals to small clinics generated TBs of valuable clinical history data. Deep-pocketed buyers (Life Sciences, Big Pharma, Research Institutions), hit by falling profits, required not just predictive but prescriptive analytics to order of magnitude increase product efficiency and reduce R&D costs - a high MRR, high margin opportunity for GE. A descriptive analytics, on-premise shop, GE did not possess skills to build and launch cloud-scale prescriptive analytics DaaS products and monetization models.
  • To solve, took up the challenge to own and launch a prescriptive analytics powered beta DaaS offering roadmap.
  • Rapidly identified high-value use cases. Learnt quickly latest distributed computing concepts, protocols and algorithms. Selected Google Cloud Platform for their best-in-class AI/ML powered big data stack orchestrated on fast, fault-tolerant Kubernetes containers. Built low-cost services to address riskiest pain point of migrating customers’ on-prem, incomplete legacy data to BigTable NoSQL. Constructed pitch decks and case studies to help position unique IP.
  • Agile ideation to execution helped win $1.5MM in early-adopter orders. High point: Google co-opted product as well. 
Project 2: Next-gen SaaS CRM App Suite Launch: Legacy on-premise EMR apps churned at double-digit rates, leaked license/service revenues and had GE 7th in market share. Goal: Build and execute a 3-year vision/roadmap to become a top-2 SaaS CRM vendor by 2020 and plug revenue leakage immediately.
  • Built an end-to-end release road map and packaging/pricing structure widely commended by industry bodies as the best TCO minimizer/ease-of-workflow maximizer in its class. 
  • Completely re-vamped offering to include new-to-industry features: closed-loop UX, AI/ML powered predictive analytics value packs, plug & play inter-op hub, apps marketplace, cloud telemetry & optimization, SSO authentication, multi-SDK support. 
  • Coached team to execute high quality competitive benchmarking, user behavior modeling and multi-dimensional feature prioritization. Vastly enhanced product management inputs at scrum meetings, formalized "Ready" and "Done" user story builds, and automated product and engineering collaboration.
  • Two V1 SaaS modules shipped in Q4 2017. Reduced tech-debt 30% and release errors 40% (60% patch fixing efforts eliminated). 90% backlogs became "ready” to ship in 1 sprint cycle.

At Microsoft:

Project 1: 5-day massively multi-player eSports game event in W.Europe required beyond standard Azure configuration SLAs for R/W latency, bursty network loads, edge-device computing, in-memory caching, multi-queue messaging, built-in consensus protocols. Opportunity for Microsoft to test the limits of Azure and establish a managed service business.
  • Collaborated with distinguished engineers and Microsoft Research to launch solution in 6 months. Prioritized top pain points as real-time analytics, video stream rendering and digital currency transactions at 5 9s availability, at most 100 milli seconds latency and strongly consistent.
  • Identified via research and focus groups SLA guaranteeing solutions: pre-primed load balancers, rapid access to distributed replicas, power-law latency message transmission/graph processing protocols, SWIM strongly consistent membership lists, SHA-3 hashed in-memory stores, localized edge-device computing, SDN controllers, deadlock-free critical section locks, fast PAXOS consensus protocols, Apache Spark layer for parallelized, real-time processing... 
  • To win trust, developed a novel risk-based pricing model where payment is based on achieving guaranteed SLAs.
Project 2: Customers demanded in-expensive managed monitoring and orchestration service for SQL Server PaaS, an expensive component of Azure suite, to reduce their TCOs. Bundled monitoring service also lifted primary Azure consumption. Limited budget for global launch in 140+ markets with localized content and SLAs meant extreme feature prioritization. Major Azure customers at risk of churn if service not offered in quick time. 
  • Leader of the genius team formed between Product and Services group to own and execute data-driven roadmap. Successfully obtained a $300K budget to execute thorough market research to model user/competitor behavior and feature-price trade-offs. Virtual surveyed 120+ country market senior managers, 14 Area Leads, 3 Time Zone Leads to build an exhaustive top-line feature report. Led global v-teams to story board and finalize 6 user stories, translating to 50+ high-level feature sets and 2000+ localized engineering/design specs. 
  • Worked with WWLP team to build tiered packaging/pricing/licensing models for global release. Worked with marketing operations and agencies to build data sheets, pitch decks, web site listings, price catalogs etc. Designed and built a 26-KPI post-release performance dashboard to tune features. Ran agile sprints that cleared backlogs by 50% within a month and launched V1 service as planned. V1 well on its way for adoption by 11% of SQL Server installed base.