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We live in an era of exponential change.  Powerful new technologies are transforming our lives in ways that people 50 years ago could never have imagined.  Computers, Cell-phones, and the internet are re-shaping our world...bringing us closer together and opening new avenues for the future.  Today we have two billion people taking part in a global discussion that is directing the course of human evolution.  Where this road will take us, nobody is certain, but we are hopeful that the journey will make us better than we are today. 

As we evolve, so does the world around us.  We re-create the world in our own image...tying everything together billions of devices with millions of miles of wires...building an artificial nervous system for the world.  The DIGITAL MATTER NET is the next logical step in this evolution...transporting essential materials via a network of microscopic artificial circulatory system to nourish the organs of society.  Again, the creation taking form from the creator.

We welcome you to take part in this journey of creation.  This wiki is an open-source project for the development of the DIGITAL MATTER NET.  In it you will find information about the design, development, and implementation of this fantastic technology.  We encourage you to take part in this process and hope you will go on to add your own ideas and discuss them with others.  We hope to set events in motion to bring about a renaissance of invention and innovation...a second industrial move us out of the era of scarcity and austerity into an age of true abundance.  And we hope you will be part of it.

Our  Philosophy

We believe that open-source is the key to unlocking the full potential of humanity and overcoming the great challenges of our day.  The answers are not found buried in the bowels of giant corporations, or hidden in the halls of government.  They are found in the minds and hearts of millions of people around the world.  Each of us holds a little piece of the puzzle, and only by working together can we find the solutions we seek. 

We believe that the solutions to the great problems of our day elude us...not because of their size or complexity...but because of their subtle simplicity.  It is by small and simple means that great things happen.  It is easy to overlook the obvious and search for complexity that is not there.   

The Digital Matter Net

What Is It?

This is a difficult question to answer.  I suppose it is best to begin by saying that the digital matter-net it is sort of like the internet…only for STUFF rather than information.  Matter-Nets are not anything new, in business they are also called supply chains and they make use of trucks, planes, and boats to move stuff from place to place.  Also, there is a group of people at Singularity University that is developing a matter-net that makes use of small autonomous vehicles for the same purpose.  However, these are ANALOG systems.

The Digital Matter-Net is the next-generation of this technology.   It involves the creation, distribution, and assembly of DIGITAL Matter.  Raw materials are broken down into tiny particles, refined into a pure state, and then transported through micro-channels to a machine where they are assembled.  The Digital Matter-Net processes matter in the same way that the internet processes data.

Imagine ordering a product online, having the materials mined, refined, sent to a local manufacturer (or your desktop) and assembled into a finished product…all within a matter of HOURS.  And it would be cheap because digital matter is less expensive to produce and generates less waste than traditional materials.  It requires less labor, and does not consume expensive packaging or fuel for transport.    This is the promise of Digital Manufacturing…better products, lower costs, and less waste.

How Is This Possible?

All the technology we need to build the digital matter-net is already here.  We just need to bring it together.  That is the purpose of this site, to bring together the knowledge and expertise needed to design and build this technology.  It is an open-source project to which anyone can contribute.  I invite everyone…students and hobbyists, experts and professionals…people  from around the world, to take part in making the Digital Matter-Net a reality.

This is a world-changing opportunity.  The digital matter-net will open up worlds of possibility for those who have the vision to see it.   Just as digital media and the internet changed the way we communicate, founded entire new industries, and created millions of jobs…digital manufacturing and the matter-net can transform how we make stuff, improve the environment, and put the power of creation back in the hands of everyday people.  And, just like the internet, those who get in early will strike it rich.

How would YOU like to be the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs?  How would YOU like to found the next Ebay or Google?  This is your chance!  The Matter-Net is the largest money-making opportunity in all of history…its value will eclipse that of computers, cell-phones, and the internet COMBINED.   Those who created these technologies became millionaires and billionaires, but those who create the Digital Matter-Net could become the world’s first TRILLIONAIRES.  This is better than winning the lottery!  However, it will only happen if you MAKE it happen.  Join the project and get your piece of the action TODAY.


Your best work will always come from intelligent ideas presented in an engaging manner. Your production work will be evaluated based on these criteria:

  • Concept, Creativity, and Design – 40%
  • Understanding and Execution of the project – 25% 
  • Craftsmanship / Usability / Effort – 35%

91% - 100% A (96-100), A- (91-95) Consistently superior quality. Work completed exceeds expectations.  Active interest and engagement in class discussion with insightful and respectful input.
81% - 90% B+ (87-90), B (84-86),
B- (81-83)
Above average work. Completion of assignments as outlined. Quality participation in class.
68% - 80% C+ (77-80), C (74-76),
C- (68-73)
Completion of the assignments within minimum
expectations.  Some marked participation in class.  Poor Attendance
51% - 67% D+ (61-67), D (51-60) Not all assignments completed properly. No effort. Poor Attendance. Lack of participation.
50% - 0% F Failure of all of the above and / or excessive absences.