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MD Internet Marketing Solutions' digital marketing team have years of experience working exclusively with independent entities, so we know exactly what you need. Our Google marketing experts are ready to help you grow your direct bookings by driving qualified, ready-to-book traffic to your website.

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As a technology and digital marketing company specializing in driving new business directly to a company's website, your success is our success.
Our goal is to help small business owners achieve a strong online presence, and empower them to drive targeted traffic directly through their own brand website, to help inform new customers about your services or products. This statement is true to our core business values and one that we believe in passionately.

Growing your small business starts by being found! Whether your customers find you through paid search, display, metasearch, social media or within search engine results, we have the expert knowledge to help.

By helping you develop your integrated online marketing strategy,
MD Internet Marketing Solutions brings you highly targeted traffic to increase new sales and customers and improve your bottom line.

Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing


Our experienced team of Search Engine Optimization specialists will help you reach your organic traffic potential and get more bookings from Google and other search platforms.

We specialize in optimizing content for search engines, improving keyword placement, and converting organic traffic into leads and sales.

Whether you’re directing traffic to personalized landing pages or to the homepage of your website, every element is optimized to make sure the audience that finds you is the audience that matters.


Analytics is the art of using data to find the audiences that matter to you. Your analytics provides you with a 360o view of how users engage with your website and marketing activity across all devices.

Analytics is all about understanding your audience. Evaluate how users engage with your site, see where your opportunities are to grow and discover where to invest your resources to grow direct bookings. We use attribution models to discover the true value and impact of your marketing channels, and focus our efforts to drive your conversion rates.


We have extensive experience in managing PPC campaigns on many platforms and in many markets, always striving to achieve ROI objectives with minimal advertising expenditure.


We specialize in adapting conventional websites to mobile platforms, and promoting mobile websites in order to increase organic traffic through mobile search.


We have the expertise to increase the conversion rates of our clients’ websites, and improve their business results.


We specialize in consulting to adjust accessibility and accompany our clients throughout all phases of site accessibility

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Our highly experienced analysts, who specialize in Web Analytics, will analyze your website’s data in a comprehensive and meticulous manner in order to increase website performance.


We do A/B testing, landing page optimization so you can convert more visitors to customers & gather more qualified leads.


We help you target the right prospects and boost posts on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other venues.


 We form an editing team with your staff and focus on Blog Marketing + Social Media + SEO tactics + Inbound Marketing.

Digital Marketing

We allow you to assemble your own creative team and define the aspects of your team's work environment. This model provides you with an extension of your main office.  You will be able to virtually set-up a branch office with this solution.  

Digital marketing, often referred to as online marketing, can include many popular forms of internet advertising. Digital marketing firms understand how each aspect of digital marketing can contribute to an organization’s goals and design their services with this in mind. Firms offering digital marketing services specialize in marketing tools such as display advertising, in-game advertising, and various forms of content marketing. Often, they provide additional solutions focused on creating a stronger web presence such as responsive website design, search engine optimization services (SEO), and overall online marketing strategy. Businesses frequently accompany their digital marketing efforts with other forms of marketing such as traditional advertising.

In this Age of the Customer, yours are vastly more informed, with more digital channels of access and communication than ever before. In the last five years, consumer demands on brands have outgrown the ability of most enterprises to meet them. While these changes have emerged from the convergence of connectivity, information and automation technologies, the enterprise can respond by investing in digitalization. We need to think and act seamlessly at every touch point across the customer lifecycle. This requires descriptive analytics to understand issues that destroy positive experience delivery …

Digital Marketing

MD Internet Marketing Solutions :  We use the smart "R.A.C.E." model for marketing plans, audits, & analytics consulting.

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