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Last NameFirst NameAffiliationReason for interestContact TypeRecommended bySite or Blogemail
Last NameFirst NameAffiliationReason for interestContact TypeRecommended bySite or Blogemail
Olson Abby American Fork High School Media Specialist and Librarian into literature / writing Aly AF Library Homepage aolson704@alpine.k12.ut.us 
Nicholes Gina American Fork High School  Media Specialist into tech, media, eBooks Aly  gnicholes@alpine.k12..ut.us 
Alder Catelyn American Fork High School Tech Writing and English teacher educator Aly Alder English calder@alpine.k12.ut.us 
Zemp Heather  Teacher turned homemaker with digital age husband one of my homies Aly   
Rutter Kristen  She's my mom.  one of my homies Aly  kristen_rutter@comcast.net 
L. Andrea  Librarian, tweeted about TKAM into literature / writing Aly http://www.bananasaysno.com twitter or blog 
 Rochelle Teacher (may be retired) Had conversation on forum about TKAM educator Aly  I have to do this privately 
Beeson Sam American Fork High School Author and English teacher educator Aly Grammar Punk beess704@alpine.k12.ut.us 
Hill Jeffrey  Has an English blog blogger / forums Aly The English Blog through blog 
 NYC Educator  Blogger & teacher educator Aly NYC Educator through blog 
 Eileen Terrace Books Book Exchange Tweeted about TKAM, substitute teacher, owner of Terrace Books into literature / writing Aly Terrace Books Blog through twitter or blog 
Ludwing-Shelton Kira American Fork High School Journalism and College Writing teacher educator Aly http://afhsenglish10.blogspot.com kludwig-shelton@alpine.k12.ut.us 
Ruefenacht Robert Follows my blog has made many comments on my blog and is a huge comic book fan reader Aly  rufeo007@yahoo.com 
Zane AR  Just wrote literary criticism on To Kill a Mockingbird into literature / writing Aly His blog through twitter or his blog 
Moore Andrew  Podcaster, freelance journalist, just tweeted about TKAM into literature / writing Aly The Film Blog through twitter and blog 
Weyand Larkin American Fork High School Creative Writing and English teacher educator Aly http://my.uen.org/myuen/79463/Home weyal705@alpine.k12.ut.us 
Rutter Matthew Storage Craft Technology He's my dad and he loves me  one of my homies Aly  matt.rutter@storagecraft.com 
Lynam Andy  Runs while listening to To Kill a Mockingbird in audiobook form into literature / writing Aly Lynam's Twitter through twitter 
Bustamante Patricio  e-learning blogger / forums Aly Website  
Hulbert Elaine American Fork High School Communication and English teacher educator Aly Elaine Hulbert ehulbert@alpine.k12.ut.us 
 Tony  Blogs about eBooks and is asking for new ideas for posts all the time blogger / forums Aly eBookanoid through his blog (contact me tab) 
Shelley Laurel American Fork High School My high school AP College Writing teacher educator Aly Laurel Shelley's Web Page shell704@alpine.k12.ut.us 
Duma Lucian Glogster Edu and Symbaloo Edu embassador Into e-learning scholar Amy Lucian's Diigo profile  
Hartman Erica Hartman Instructional Technology Consulting Educator who is interested in technology in the classroom educator Amy HIT Consulting  
Rhodes Kris  Rated Rainbows End very highly on Goodreads into tech, media, eBooks Amy Kris' Goodreads profile  
 Melinda  She posted a very positive review of Where the Red Fern Grows on Goodreads online group member Amy Melinda's Goodreads profile  
McDonough Mark Boston Public Education Helps K-8 teachers integrate technology into classrooms into tech, media, eBooks Amy Mark's Diigo profile  
Topham Alyssa Brigham Young University-Student She is an English Teaching major one of my homies Amy  alyssajean22@gmail.com 
Leonard Andrew Staff Writer at Salon Journalist who wrote an article about Vinge and technology in 1999 author / reviewer Amy Leonard's Article aleonard@salon.com 
Johnson Jordan Brigham Young University I am interested in it, so he is interested in it. one of my homies Amy  j.erick.johnson11@gmail.com 
Kuglin John University of Montana Senior technology consultant educator Amy  john@kuglin.com 
Sullivan Damien  Has maintained a Vernor Vinge fan page for 16 years reader Amy Vernor Vinge Fan Page phoenix@ugcs.caltech.edu 
Wilkoff Ben  Runs a blog called "Learning is Change" educator Amy http://learningischange.com/ ben@learningischange.com 
Carly Gear Diary Recently wrote a blog on eBooks in education into tech, media, eBooks Amy Carly's Blog questionfear@gmail.com 
Akaddar Mbarek  Educator who is very interested in technology educator Amy Mbarek's Diigo profile  
West Richard Brigham Young University IP&T professor into tech, media, eBooks Amy  rw@byu.edu 
Kelsey Mr. South Valley Middle School Middle School teacher with a Where the Red Fern Grows blog educator Amy Mr. Kelsey's Red Fern blog  
Smith Geoffrey  Has tags in Diigo that have everything to do with this eBook into tech, media, eBooks Amy Geoffrey's Diigo profile  
Hubbell Elizabeth  Does non-profit educational research, focusing on technology educator Amy Elizabeth's blog  
Hancock Sydney Brigham Young University-Student She is an English Teaching major one of my homies Amy  sydneyrhancock@gmail.com 
Gargis Elizabeth Newton-Conover High School High school English teacher who really cares about her students educator Amy  alizgargis@charter.net 
Sanchez Israel  Illustrator whose art I use in my chapter other Amy israelsanchez.com/ israel@israelsanchez.com 
Christensen Jessica Alta High School Showed a lot of interest when I mentioned our eBook to her one of my homies Amy  utahjessicachristensen@gmail.com 
Andrews Richard University of London Focuses on writing development and eLearning scholar Ariel  R.Andrews@ioe.ac.uk  
Bauer Eurydice Bouchereau University of Illinois Co-author "New Literacies and the Institution of Old Learning" scholar Ariel  ebbauer@illinois.edu 
Morrell Ernest UCLA researching literacy education and media and cultural studies scholar Ariel Ernest Morrell morrell@gseis.ucla.edu  
Smith Anna  participated in webinar into literature / writing Ariel Developing Writers Can't find one, contact through Twitter? @writerswriting 
Allen Jessa BYU loves reading, etc one of my homies Ariel  allen.jessa@gmail.com 
O'Brien David University of Minnesota Co-author of "New Literacies and the Institution of Old Learning", one of my secondary sources scholar Ariel  dobrien@umn.edu 
Leeds Angela Space Coast High School English Tecasher educator Ariel  leeds.angela@brevardschools.org 
Seale Joanne Space Coast High School High School Librarian into tech, media, eBooks Ariel  seale.joanne@brevard schools.org 
Rhoden Susan Space Coast High School AP Lit Teacher educator Ariel http://msrhodenbegstodiffer@yahoo.com  rhoden.susan@brevardschools.org 
Fredrick Tim New York University researching "how students use language to push the boundaries of what is acceptable in the classroom" into literature / writing Ariel This Is Not The Title Of My Blog Can't find one, we can communicate with him via his blog 
Hicks Troy Central Michigan University Webinar guest spraker speaker Ariel Digital Writing, Digital Teaching troy.hicks@cmich.edu 
Smagorinsky Peter University of Georgia Studies teaching and learning in High school classes scholar Ariel Smagorinsky smago@uga.edu 
Akyeampong Albert Ohio University interested in use of digital media and web 2.0 technologies scholar Ariel Albert Akyeampong akyeampo@ohio.edu 
Kirkland David E. New York University interested in "how digital tools mediate collaborative forms of writing in school" into literature / writing Ariel  Has a Twitter: @ryanrish 
Vasudevan Lalitha Columbia University Professor in the communication, computing, and eduction program scholar Ariel Telling Stories Differently lmv2102@columbia.edu 
Francis Russell University of Gothenburg researching implications of media change for learning scholar Ariel Russell Francis russell.francis@gu.se 
Daer Alice Arizona State University researching how people write with and around social media  scholar Ariel Alice Daer Alice.Daer@asu.edu  
Kaufmann Britt Teacher (retired?) submitted lesson plans/teaching ideas for Ender's Game into literature / writing Ariel Britt Kaufmann britt.kaufmann@gmail.com 
Belnap Emma Jo BYU friend, likes reading one of my homies Ariel  emma.belnap@gmail.com 
Bull Bernard Concordia University Wisconsin  researching digital literacy and 21st century skills scholar Ariel  http://www.cuw.edu/fs/bernardbull?email  
Croxall Brian Emory University Emerging Technologies Librarian into literature / writing Ariel  brian.croxall@emory.edu 
Gee James Paul New Literacy Studies Very involved in new literacies and the digital age into literature / writing Ariel James Paul Gee James.Gee@asu.edu 
Card Orson Scott  Author of Ender's Game author / reviewer Ariel  http://www.hatrack.com/contact.shtml 
Alvermann Donna University of Georgia Research professor: language/literacy department into literature / writing Ariel Alvermann dalverma@uga.edu 
 Dan Goodreads Disappointed in lack of discussion on Goodreads of Ender's Game into literature / writing Ariel Goodreads Profile  
Hokanson Kristin  technology integration coach; Connected Classroom project blogger / forums Ashley L Website kristin.hokanson@gmail.com 
Schoultz Cecilia Seymour Community High School  looking for ways to integrate technology into education practices educator Ashley L Website cschoultz@seymour.k12.wi.us 
Wayman Shalise Brigham Young University- Idaho avid reader, aspiring writer, and best friend one of my homies Ashley L  shelskinina@hotmail.com 
Waltman Joleen Aberdeen High School Librarian who has already expressed interest in our project. educator Ashley L Aberdeen High School Book Club waltmaj@aberdeen58.org 
Wyndham Lorri  passionate about educational change blogger / forums Ashley L Blog LorriWyndham@gmail.com 
Twiss Toni  eLearning advisor; blog on mobilizing education blogger / forums Ashley L Blog toni.twiss@gmail.com 
Davis Vicki Westwood Schools interested in teaching students with new technological tools educator Ashley L Blog  
Swerdfeger Sarah Brigham Young University English Teaching major and roommate one of my homies Ashley L  sswerd@hotmail.com 
Scott Krista  is very interested in technology and education. blogger / forums Ashley L Blog  
Adams Wayne Aberdeen High School english and history teacher educator Ashley L Goodreads Profile  
Pace Kyle Lee's Summit School District Instructional Technology Specialist  blogger / forums Ashley L Blog  
Holton Nick Milken Community High School Masters in Educational Technologies educator Ashley L Blog  
Lewis Jesse  He is my dad, and he has been interested in our class project throughout the term. one of my homies Ashley L  jesse_shawna@hotmail.com 
Stone Adrianne  educational technology enthusiast blogger / forums Ashley L Blog  
Pulliam Becky Aberdeen High School high school and college level english teacher  educator Ashley L  pullrebe@yahoo.com 
Jensen Rochelle University of Waikato e-learning advisor for university blogger / forums Ashley L Blog rjensen@waikato.ac.nz 
Reading Mike  site devoted to motivating, managing, and engaging students, especially through the use of tech. blogger / forums Ashley L Blog mike@TeachersTraining.com.au 
Lewis Jason Timpanogas High School computer tech for Alpine School District and my brother into tech, media, eBooks Ashley L  jjl_viper@hotmail.com 
Lewis Natalie Aberdeen Middle School She has a masters degree in Education in Technology in Education. She is also my sister. educator Ashley L  lewinatar@yahoo.com 
Brant Liz Brigham Young University friend, avid reader, and aspring writer one of my homies Ashley L  lizm.brant@yahoo.com  
Neilson Lisa Student Told her about the class and she has wanted to attend a class about digital culture into tech, media, eBooks Ashley N  dulce.melos@gmail.com 
Nelson John Dad He is my dad: Plus he loves reading! one of my homies Ashley N  jthn@ti.com 
 Em Teacher/Student/Blogger Tries to connect to students and interested in research educator Ashley N http://emeire.wordpress.com/  
VanSkiver Marisa BYU Graduate Graduate student looking at literature, might be interested in how research and reading has changed because of Digital Culture one of my homies Ashley N  creativkook@gmail.com 
Bruce Chip Educator at Illinois University Interest in digital divide educator Ashley N http://illinois.academia.edu/ChipBruce  
Thorne Mel Editing Professor at BYU Interested in publishing and the direction publishing and reading is going educator Ashley N  mel_thorne@byu.edu 
Le Kathy Student Always interested in new ways of learning, also she is my roommate and I have been telling her all about this project one of my homies Ashley N   
Smith Alyse Student Interested in the process of reading in digital age into tech, media, eBooks Ashley N  alyseisawesome@gmail.com 
Castek Jill Researcher Interest in digital divide and digital education scholar Ashley N http://berkeley.academia.edu/JillCastek  
Wagner Mary Goodreads Friend Graduate, avid reader online group member Ashley N  chibimimw@gmail.com 
Akyeampong Albert Educator Interest in digital media into tech, media, eBooks Ashley N http://ohio.academia.edu/AlbertAkyeampong  
Darbro Brooke Goodreads friend Interested in literature and digital culture into literature / writing Ashley N  brookedarbro@yahoo.com 
Loh Weiye Diigo He posts to our Diigo group into tech, media, eBooks Ashley N http://www.diigo.com/profile/wyiswy  
McClellan Jeff BYU Magazine What BYU students are doing, and how digital culture is changing education into literature / writing Ashley N  editor@byu.edu 
Kendall Jaimee Student  Classmate and I have been discussing the project into literature / writing Ashley N  jaimeelk@byu.net 
Nelson Lorie Mom I have been telling her about my class the entire semester and she is excited for the end result one of my homies Ashley N  lorietn@yahoo.com 
Woodbury Karli BYU Graduate Interest in how media is changing research process one of my homies Ashley N  karlis87@yahoo.com 
Boyd Danah Educator  Interest in internet studies and communities educator Ashley N http://microsoft.academia.edu/danahboyd  
Mai Jude fan fiction Interested in our project when I asked to use her story in my chapter author / reviewer Ashley N http://www.fictionpress.com/u/660465/Jude_Mai  
 Mel U Blogger Avid reader and interesting in reading in the 21st century and the changes in reading into literature / writing Ashley N http://rereadinglives.blogspot.com/  
Gardner Marv Editing Professor Educator and interested in project educator Ashley N  marv_gardner@byu.edu 
Saenz Nicole BYU Graduate in English Recent BYU graduate in English one of my homies Ben http://twitter.com/saenznicole saenz.nicole@gmail.com 
Gregg Sally Family Member Avid E-book reader into tech, media, eBooks Ben  jaysal1958@gmail.com 
Wiggins Andrew BYU Student one of my homies Ben http://twitter.com/AndrewSWiggins ascottwiggins@gmail.com 
Merrill David retired (sort of)/ BYU-H Founder and director of the Instructional Science Department at Brigham Young University - and my grandpa ;) into tech, media, eBooks Bri http://mdavidmerrill.com/ professordavemerrill@gmail.com 
Cardon Kristen BYU English Major Student - also into internet and learning into literature / writing Bri http://technologyinexile.blogspot.com/ kristennicolecardon@gmail.com 
Pilcher Toni BYU English Grad Student into literature / writing Bri http://tonielise.blogspot.com principessatoni@gmail.com 
Crowder Ben BYU Works in LIT for HBLL/ interested in MormonTech into tech, media, eBooks Bri http://bencrowder.net/ ben.crowder@gmail.com 
Watson Sean BYU way into blogging and education into tech, media, eBooks Bri http://seanrwatson.blogspot.com/ http://twitter.com/seanrwatson 
Wiley David BYU Professor in ITP program into tech, media, eBooks Bri http://davidwiley.org/ david.wiley@byu.edu 
Lemon Mike BYU English student also into technology into literature / writing Bri http://mrlemonscorner.blogspot.com/ mikeslemon@byu.net 
Selby Jon Skyview High School, Vancouver, WA Teaches English and ASL, reads literature into literature / writing Bri  jonselby927@gmail.com 
Cummins Kristina BYU took class on digital civ with me into tech, media, eBooks Bri http://americanbeautybykristinacummins.blogspot.com/ kristinacummins@gmail.com 
Earley Brian BYU fellow student in dig civ class into tech, media, eBooks Bri http://reflectionsofabiomole.blogspot.com/ earleyb@byu.net 
Birch Toni Bear Lake Middle School English Teacher educator Carlie  tbirch@blsd.net 
Brown Sherry The News Examiner publicity  other Carlie http://www.news-examiner.net/ editorne@dcdi.net 
Hutchings Kristen Brigham Young University English major graduate into literature / writing Carlie  kristen.hutchings@gmail.com 
Rowland Julia Bear Lake Middle School English Teacher educator Carlie  jrowland@blsd.net 
Stephens Tammy Education Source I use in my chapter educator Carlie  tamste@dcdi.net 
Pedersen Sara Utah State University English Teaching Major  educator Carlie  mona.lisa17@hotmail.com 
Raymond Midge  Author, Teacher and active blogger about writing and reading.  into literature / writing Carlie Midge Raymond's Blog  
Wing Heather Brigham Young University Teaches 276R at BYU educator Carlie http://humanities.byu.edu/directory/hah9/ heather.h.wing@byu.edu 
Peralta Holly Education Teaches grades 9-12. Uses lots of tech/media in her lessons.  educator Carlie http://www.crb1.k12.wy.us/RawlinsCooperative.cfm holly_peralta@hotmail.com 
Kimball Lorraine Bear Lake High School Librarian into literature / writing Carlie  lkimball@blsd.net 
Thomas Natalie Family Member Always reading her Kindle into tech, media, eBooks Carlie  nataliesproperties@gmail.com 
Smart Elizabeth Worked with her for this project BYU librarian into literature / writing Derrick   
Petersen Courtney old ward member interested in art one of my homies Derrick   
Campbell William old roommate interested in writing into literature / writing Derrick   
Dehlin John podcaster interested in tech into tech, media, eBooks Derrick   
Crall Cary friend He thinks I'm cool one of my homies Derrick   
Velarde Robert author i met through my podcast Interested in C.S. Lewis author / reviewer Derrick   
Ricks Becca friend part of my book club one of my homies Derrick   
Carmack Brad met in online forum interested in writing, has published an eBook. scholar Derrick   
Miller Ben friend interested in digital things/english student one of my homies Derrick   
Cynthia Clements mom she loves everything I do one of my homies Derrick   
Nyholm Jenny sister has a kindle reader Derrick   
Chua Chris Pixar animator just got a Kindle reader Derrick   
Unkrich Emilie Mother of Toy Story 3 director She is passionately interested in anything digital--also she is kind of a homie of mine. into tech, media, eBooks Derrick Hear my interview with her earlier this year emilie123@gmail.com 
Lewis Daniel fellow podcaster, my inspiration interested in tech into tech, media, eBooks Derrick   
Duvall Daniel listener to my podcast  into tech, media, eBooks Derrick   
Wotherspoon Dan met on online forum he was editor for Sunstone magazine, interested in BYU author / reviewer Derrick   
Crilley Mark Author I know through the podcast  author / reviewer Derrick   
Ray Anna friend interested in online things into tech, media, eBooks Derrick   
Ramachandran Sathya  listener of my podcast interested in scholarship online group member Derrick   
Madsen Kathryn sister interested in online things one of my homies Derrick   
Madsen Pete brother in law BYU professor, interested in digital formats into tech, media, eBooks Derrick   
Kerr Bryan old ward member interested in writing scholar Derrick   
Guthrie Paige friend interested in writing as well as digital formats into literature / writing Derrick   
Hargadon Steve Classroom 2.0, Blackboard Influencer in Education 2.0 field into literature / writing Gideon Steve Hargodon website steve@hargadon.com 
Matthews Christine Mother Former English major at BYU reader James  ccymatthews@gmail.com 
Lewis Ryan Homie Fellow English Major and Literature enthusiast into literature / writing James  lewisrt@byu.net 
Cordell Ryan Professor of Literature at St. Norbert College Attend the Digital Humanities Summer Institute and presented "Hacking Walden Pond" speaker James  ryan.cordell@snc.edu 
Edgley Aaron Comments on my blog/Exchange e-mails Interested in real-world application of transcendentalist philosophy online group member James  aaron.edgley@gmail.com 
Widner Mike ABD in English at UT Austin Retweeted and was excited about Professor Cordell's work into literature / writing James His website mwidner@mail.utexas.edu 
Matthews Dan my Dad Is a life-long reader and always interested in what I'm doing in school, especially if it has to do with books into literature / writing James  dmattz@comcast.net 
Maher Paul Filmmaker In pre-production stages of film on Thoreau and Walden other James His website mahervisions@yahoo.com 
Walker Jerry BYU Student searching aimlessly for major and passion, interested in transcendentalist philosophies reader James  jerryeatworld@gmail.com 
Penguino Ray Blogger in Phillipines Author of article entitled "Reinventing Thoreau", within article names Bruce Lee as one of his heroes blogger / forums James His blog entry raypenguino@livejournal.com 
Thoreau Society Largest Organization devoted to Thoreau self-evident other James Thoreau Society info@thoreausociety.org 
Wiley David BYU Professor Very involved in the education of digital culture educator James  david.wiley@byu.net 
Hilton John CES Educator, talked to him last year about his books and education when he was a session director at EFY Did his dissertation on the effect of ebooks in instructional psychology and technology into tech, media, eBooks James John Hilton III hiltonjl@ldschurch.com 
Bambrick Gail Tufts University Professor Just wrote an article entitled 'Imagining a New Walden', looking at it in the context of digital culture educator James Tufts Journal Article gail.bambrick@tufts.edu 
Choe Jason Pen Staff Writer Aspiring High School Writer beginning to broach the arguments I presented into literature / writing James His article ThePenNews@gmail.com 
Rueckert Rachel BYU Student She commented on my blog and her love for Thoreau blogger / forums James Her blog racheladventure@gmail.com 
Kifer Ken Literary Critic Expertise in Thoreau author / reviewer James http://kenkifer.com kenkifer@yahoo.com 
Cohen Jeffrey GW English Professor Teacher of Ryan Cordell, interested in medieval literature and Thoreau, tweeted to educator James his website jjcohen@gwu.edu 
Ortiz John I shop at his store He owns a comic book store in Provo and he's interested in our ebook into literature / writing Matt http://dragonkeep.com thedragonkeep@gmail.com 
Paul Danette BYU English Professor Teaches about rhetorics in science and is up to date technology and the effects on writing educator Matt  danette_paul@byu.edu 
Sieminski Jessie BYU graduate works as media coordinator for PR agency in California into tech, media, eBooks Matt  j_sieminski@yahoo.com 
Staples Karly BYU Web Editor and Technology Consultant  blogger / forums Matt http://www.ocfamily.com/  karlystaples@mac.com 
Anderson Becky Goodreads friend wrote a very good review on Ender's game and gave it four stars reader Matt  green_monkey78@hotmail.com 
Rogers John  president of comic-con - a huge comic book/ technology convention  other Matt http://comic-con.org cci-info@comic-con.org 
Ballard Craig BYU Classmate Avid Blog follower, mine included into literature / writing Matt  craigballard2@gmail.com 
Walz Robert BYU Professor and KSL reporter Creator of Apps and  into literature / writing Matt http://ksl.com robertwalzz@gmail.com 
Harrison Ronald Father V.P. of Marriott Inc. - technology guru reader Matt http://marriott.com ron.harrison@marriott.com 
Rubio Bobby I follow his blog Comic Artist who has shown interest in my blog blogger / forums Matt http://bobbyrubio.blogspot.com bobbyrubio@yahoo.com 
Welte Kassidy  Sister-in-law High School Student Body Media Director into tech, media, eBooks Matt http://schools.ccsd.net/centennial  kwelte07@yahoo.com 
Kirkham Rachel cousin writes on various media blogs for a living blogger / forums Matt http://gleehab.com rachelkirkham@joliefeteevents.com 
Crockett Scott Past BYU roommate follows stumbleupon and geekology daily one of my homies Matt  srcrockett@gmail.com 
Rich Adam academic mentor works for Goldman Sachs and is very interested in the future effect of technology on the economy  reader Matt  adamcrich@gmail.com 
Parkinson Dallin BYU Loves Ender's Game - i recommended it to him reader Matt  dallinp@gmail.com 
Turner Kevin BYU Roommate Comic Book follower, interested in my blog, very into technology one of my homies Matt  kturner87@gmail.com 
Harrison Chris Brother Recent graduate from Harvard Business School where he focused on media effects in business and was an English Major at BYU into literature / writing Matt  charrison@mba2011@hbs.edu 
Halladay Ashton Goodreads friend rated Ender's Game, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and Screwtape Letters and gave them all great reviews into literature / writing Matt  tredubzedd@gmail.com 
Egan Allison goodreads friend avid reader - rated ender's game as a five reader Matt  aegan2@gmail.com 
Call Dustin Provo College Student English Major who lives on iPad into literature / writing Matt  dustcall@gmail.com 
Anderson Chris Wired Magazine He is the author of The Long Tail, a topic I addressed in my essay. author / reviewer Nyssa http://thelongtail.com gca2@earthlink.net 
Pariser Eli The Filter Bubble Writes about echo chambers, something I address in my essay author / reviewer Nyssa http://thefilterbubble.com epariser@elipariser.com 
Pfeiffer Sandy Pearson publishing She's my mom. And she works on eBooks. one of my homies Nyssa  sandy54@ymail.com 
Gardner Marvin Editing professor Seemed interested in our project when I told him about it. educator Nyssa  marv_gardner@byu.edu 
Silvester Neal  He's my husband one of my homies Nyssa  neal.salvare@gmail.com 
Friend Daniel BYU Student He's interested in eBook publishing one of my homies Nyssa  daniel060@sbcglobal.net 
Looney Michael Adobe Marketing director working with educators other Rachael http://www.asu.edu/ecure/2004/looney/LooneyMichael_bio.html rob.spindler@asu.edu to get ahold of him... 
Leonard Diane Goodreads Created a group on goodreads about tech. in education educator Rachael http://technologyplc.weebly.com/  
Olsen Darren Middle school teacher, ID He is interested in new education approaches educator Rachael  forthcoming 
Ridd Parker  iPad enthusiast into tech, media, eBooks Rachael  don't have it, primary communication = facebook 
Bankhead Joel iPad.AppStorm Wrote an article on iPads in education author / reviewer Rachael http://ipad.appstorm.net/general/opinion/the-ipad-changing-education-for-the-better/  
Goldenberg Jo-Ann Goodreads Joined a group about tech. in education into literature / writing Rachael http://www.goodreads.com/goldenbergj none listed--could contact via goodreads 
D. Jennifer Goodreads Creator of group "Bookish" on goodreads into literature / writing Rachael http://literallife.wordpress.com  
Anderson Chris BYU In this class previously; wrote about Borges into literature / writing Rachael http://literaryinquiry.blogspot.com/ forthcoming 
Ahimaaz Goodreads Organized JLB group on goodreads into literature / writing Rachael http://flashedfiction.blogspot.com/  
 Kathryn Luidia, a maker of digitized educational tools Our product is on their market other Rachael http://www.e-beam.com/contact.html kathryn@luidia.com 
Sutherland Charlie Bay Area, CA high school teacher Responded to Chris Anderson's Borges blog educator Rachael Personal blog  
Weston Janine Goodreads Homeschooling enthusiast educator Rachael  janine@westonphotography.net 
Vann Dwyane  Quoted his blog blogger / forums Taylor  dwaynevann@ymail.com 
Gilbert Michelle  Avid reader one of my homies Taylor  mgilbert4486@gmail.com 
Mayans Maichael  Teacher; interested in tech in the classroom into tech, media, eBooks Taylor  missmaichael@gmail.com 
Gilbert Lily  Loves reading especially when written by her grandson one of my homies Taylor  forthcoming 
Davis Kelli BYU Student History teacher interested in blogging for teaching educator Taylor  kkdavis09@gmail.com 
Preston Mark Bonneville Communications  Loves digital media and spends a lot of time promoting it into tech, media, eBooks Taylor  marcus.preston@gmail.com 
Woodland Laurin  Linguistics Graduate  into literature / writing Taylor  chaucerincognito@gmail.com 
Taylor Robert  Loves Literature and Sells Books into literature / writing Taylor  forthcoming 
McKee Jordan BYU - Student Interested in digital media one of my homies Taylor  jmckee@byu.net 
Smith Grant  Intersted in digital media and loves his Kindle into tech, media, eBooks Taylor  wgrantsmith@gmail.com 
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