You can create Mashups by using several different tools to create a product.  Let your imagination go as you learn how to do this fun mashup using MyAvatarEditor, PowerPoint, Blabberize, YouTube and GoogleMaps.

Create a custom avatar and export as a PNG.  Remove the background.

Find a digital image that you want your Avatar to "jump into".  You can use your own photos, or find Creative Commons photos.

Put the digital image in a PowerPoint slide.

Insert the Avatar on top of the photo.

Save the PowerPoint Slide as a JPG file.

Go to 

Find your mashup image with the the Avatar. 

Use the mouth feature to make the mouth move.

Record what you want to say using either a microphone, a previously recorded MP3 file or use your telephone.

Save your creation as a video file, send by email or embed on your site.

YouTube Video

Then go to Google Maps.

Choose My Maps and then Create New Map

Label your map.

Put a place marker where you want your avatar to go. 

Click the Placemark and then click add an icon.

Add your mashup picture as  an icon.

For more fun, upload your video to YouTube and then place the embed code in the Placemark details using the edit html feature.

Mashup Example

Here is another example I created earlier, using MyAvatarEditor, PowerPoint and FotoBabble

Playing with mashups.

  1. I created the Abe avatar on
  2. I then found a photo of Abraham Lincoln's log home on Flickr Creative Commons.
  3. I created a slide on powerpoint with the two layers.
  4. I added a voice using  (voice not very good due to talking quietly in my cubicle.)
Thanks to Tammy Worcester for this fun idea.