Google Sites

Creating a Wiki Using Google Sites


Sites to Create Free Educational Wikis:

PBWiki :This is really easy to use.  I find it easier to embed non-googley things in a PBWiki.  Google Sites has more templates and customization.

WikiSpaces: This is a favorite of many teachers. 

WetPaint: Another good Wiki, but not as popular as Wikispaces and PBWiki.

Tutorials about creating Wikis:

Google Sites in the Classroom

Creating a Class Website Using Google Sites

Examples Using Google Sites
 Politics  World History Site  Google Tools
 Photography Class  Google Almanac (Lots of Great ideas for using Google Tools.)   BookShare (Created by embedding active Google Docs form and spreadsheet)
 My Google Tools Presentation (Wikis are a great presentation tool)  Mount Vernon School District Investigations Resources (great tool for sharing meeting notes and agendas)  

Examples of different ways to use a wiki:
I have a great group of people in my Professional Learning Network.  I asked them today to share examples of wikis they have created. Not only are these great examples of wikis, these are also great examples of collaboration.
Fun Stuff to Add to a Wiki:

Google Gadgets

High Yield Teaching Strategies Using Google Sites
Identifying Similarities & Differences
Summarizing & Note Taking Sites can be used as an online note organizer.  Notes, with images, videos, etc. can be added on different topic.  Each topic can have a separate page.
Reinforcing Effort & Providing Recognition Work is published.
Homework & Practice Notes and research can be accessed and added to from any computer.
Nonlinguistic Representation Glossaries and other non linguistic representations can be built in wiki format.
Cooperative Learning Students work together to build the content.
Setting Objectives & Providing Feedback
Generating & Testing Hypotheses
Cues, Questions, & Advance Organizers Templates can be used.  Sites can provide a reference, with tutorials etc.