Google Docs: Spreadsheets and Forms

Google Forms is an easy way to collect data.  The data is stored in a spreadsheet making it easy for you to work with all of the information.  With Google Forms you can create surveys, quizzes, and reflections.  Google forms is powerful, because it is collaborative and can create a world wide data base.

Digital Literacy Workshops

Getting Started:



Challenge: Create Your Own Form

High Yield Teaching Strategies Using Google Forms and Spreadsheets
Identifying Similarities & Differences
Summarizing & Note Taking Create forms with summary information.  Everyone's summaries will be included in a spreadsheet.
Reinforcing Effort & Providing Recognition Create self grading assignments so students can see progress. Create a graph that changes as students get closer to their goals.
Homework & Practice
Nonlinguistic Representation Connect data with graphs that change as data is added.
Cooperative Learning Students can do research and input information.  All student information can then be used to come up with a product.
Setting Objectives & Providing Feedback Create self correcting quizzes.
Generating & Testing Hypotheses Collect information using forms.  Use this information to analyze data.
Cues, Questions, & Advance Organizers Create scaffolded worksheets using Google Forms.