Easy Grade Pro and AIMS

Easy Grade Pro


How to Upload Classes to Easy Grade Pro from AIMs


How to Upload Grades to AIMS from EasyGradePro




Adding A Reading Group Tutorial


Link to video tutorial created by Middle School Teacher Greg Doud. 

Using Elementary Templates and Standards Files

To access Elementary Grade Book files from district network computers, type the following address into the address area. \\mvsd-fs-a\mvsd\shared\DigitalLiteracy

Using a Pre Created Gradebook

YouTube Video

Adding Standards and Skills to a Grade Book

YouTube Video

Using Standards in Your Easy Grade Pro Gradebook

YouTube Video

Creating a Grade Scale from Scratch

YouTube Video

Changing Categories and Weighting

YouTube Video

High Yield Teaching Strategies Using Easy GradePro AIMS
Identifying Similarities & Differences Students analyze their scores over time looking for similarities and differences.
Summarizing & Note Taking
Reinforcing Effort & Providing Recognition Have students use AIMS to reflect on the effort required to have success.
Homework & Practice Homework assignments can be accessed through AIMS.
Nonlinguistic Representation Students can interpret graphs showing their progress.
Cooperative Learning
Setting Objectives & Providing Feedback Students create goals and monitor their progress.
Generating & Testing Hypotheses
Cues, Questions, & Advance Organizers

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