Digital Storytelling

50+ Ways to Tell a Digital Story with Alan Levine

Dominoe: 50 Ways

Resources Shared in the Presentation
Google Maps


10 Digital Storytelling Sites

Jason Ohler

YouTube Video

Silvia Rosenthall
Tolisano : Download or purchase her book at Lulu.


Marco Torres

: Great resources for creating digital stories with students.

Digitales: Bernajean Porter


Rock Dating Game

KQED Place Storytelling

Ham and Eggs

Home on the Range

Video Tools:


    Ideas for Using Photo Story



Simple Tools for Low Tech Classrooms

Students draw pictures or create scenes using paper and crayons.  They then tell their story under a doc camera.  

YouTube Video

  • Digital Kits:  Use sites like Discovery Streaming, Creative Commons and Library of Congress to create Digital Kits with images and videos for students to use.  
  • Have students create a slide show by taking photos on a scavenger hunt or field trip.  Use these photos with one of the many tools below to create a class story. 
  • Create a collaborative story with another class or person using a variety of tools like, StoryBird, or Google Presentation. 
  • Use digital media to create vocab presentations, show how to solve a math problem, show inquiry steps in Science, etc.  (Not just for Language Arts. 
  • Create a story using places on a map. 

High Yield Teaching Strategies Using Digital StoryTelling
Identifying Similarities & Differences Create multimedia poems with analogies or metaphors. 
Summarizing & Note Taking Share learning in story format.
Reinforcing Effort & Providing Recognition Student reflect on projects sharing how their effort effected their outcome.
Homework & Practice Use digital stories to provide information that can be reviewed.
Nonlinguistic Representation Use a variety of multimedia to share understanding.
Cooperative Learning Work in groups with different jobs to create projects.
Setting Objectives & Providing Feedback
Generating & Testing Hypotheses
Cues, Questions, & Advance Organizers Use digital stories to provide information that can be reviewed.