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Digital Literacy: Final Certificate Test

Estimated Time: 30-60 minutes
Prerequisites: All five Digital Literacy Courses or similar experience
Description: The Digital Literacy Certificate Test consists of 30 questions that cover key points from all five of the Digital Literacy courses. When you complete the test, you will get a Learning Plan with links to the course lessons you may need to review to master all of the topics. If you get a passing score, you will be invited to personalize and print a Digital Literacy Certificate.
 Part One: Digital Literacy Final Exam


Launch the Test Website: Digital Literacy Final Certificate Test

  1. Click on “Start Assessment” to begin your test.  All students will take their test individually since this is a certification test.  If you have a partner, you will each take your own test. You may use your notes only – talking will be considered cheating and will result in no grade.
  2. ** If you receive an error when you try to score your test,  you will need to right-click on your screen and select “Back” to go back to the test and select “Score Assessment” to have it re-send your test for the score.  You may have to do this a few times if the server is busy, but it will eventually go through.
  3.  When you are finished, click on “Score Assessment” – you must receive a passing score for the gradebook (60% or higher).   
  •       4.  You must receive a score of 80% or higher to earn the personalize digital literacy certificate from Microsoft.
  •       5. Print a copy of your final test results to the HP Laserjet printer. 
  •      6. Keep your test score on your screen for your instructor to view for credit!
  •        7. If you earned the Digital Literacy Certificate from Microsoft, fill in your information and print  two copies of
  •            your certificate to the Xerox color printer. 
  •        8. One certificate is your copy for your records, please take it home and place it in a safe location. The
  •             second certificate is for your instructor.
  •        9. Have your instructor come to review your score on the screen and initial your score printout for credit.
      Part Two:  Turning in the Digital Literacy Final Exam

       Staple your documents (name/bell on front)  
                                 in the following order

      Test Print-Out (Score) with teacher initials