"How to"- Middle School Best Practices

See what other middle school teachers are doing in their classroom with digital learning...

Mabry Middle School Global Learning Collaborative-not only are their projects described but you can join them! Also check out the school film festival while there AND their podcasts!

Ms. Allen's grade 6-projects from Math, Social Studies and English using a variety of tech tools.

Hippie Paradise Projects-see what a group of 8th graders did to share their learning about every possible topic! (videos, blogs, glogs, mash ups, online books,....and much more!)

epals-connect with classrooms around the world-choose an already developed project or create your own. ALSO see iearn for a similar kind of collaboration AND global school net.

Digital Storytelling- project examples and a step by step guide with a resource list as well as links to other projects for middle schoolers.

Cameras -A simple camera can redesign the whole experience in a middle school classroom (for this project, I would expand it by finding an online forum for sharing and getting feedback)

Interactive digital essay-This teacher has many other terrific ideas about digital learning and MS students.

Digital Inquiry Project-lists the process and has links to examples of student work

Remixing Digital tools-using multiple digital tools and formats to build a product that shows a student's learning journey-from a Chicago middle school.

Examples across the curriculum-from a public middle school-from comics to podcasts

STEM-scroll down and see a variety of projects and ideas from Billings Middle School

Edevolution-see how one group of middle school students tried to change the face of education

Digital IS-a collection of innovative projects and discussions about these, geared towards middle schoolers and cross curricular connections.