Following the first-ever DH conference in India organised by us in 2012, the Department of English, Presidency University welcomes you to 'Digital Humanities Workshop 2013: Remediating Texts and Contexts'. This year, we have three eminent experts presenting on a range of aspects of the field. 

The workshop will start at 10:30 a.m on 2nd September and will consist of three papers followed by a Q+A session. The venue is the A.J.C Bose auditorium on the ground floor of the Main Building. All are welcome. 

 (The) Digital Humanities or DH, amid much debate and ever eluding any definition, comprise research involving the coming together of computing and IT with traditional Humanities. So one aspect of DH would be the creation of digital texts and editions or cultural archives.The other aspect is the exploration of digital culture: for example, how Facebook affects our culture and whether videogames are art. As eminent DH scholar, Matthew Kirschenbaum, puts it: "[W]e support work from “Shakespeare to Second Life,” as we’re fond of saying."