About the project

"European Digital Stories" aims to combine the tradition of storytelling with contemporary technical tools, raising the key competences on EU-enlargement topics and on European common values, teaching digital storytelling competences to 12 to 18 year old students and teachers.

The students will create their own EU digital stories, present materials together in the mobilities, in this way the intercultural dialogue among EU members and the raise of civic keys will be promoted. They will work on different subjects using digital storytelling which will bring new benefits for skills improvement: English skills and ITC skills.

A Comenius team will be formed and different workshops for the target group and teachers about “digital storytelling” and movie editing software will be organized. Both students and teachers will learn to organize plot of stories with pictures, using first person narratives, voice recording, editing the sound according to sequence of the event and adding subtitles to the stories in English.

Two useful websites will be used as ICT tools; http://www.pixton.com/ to organize the plot of their digital stories and http://rubistar.4teachers.org to evaluate the digital stories.

The material of narrative videos will be used by a group of students to create the theatre performance "Call for Europe".

The teachers have important tasks, as they will plan activities focused on
efficient use of ITC tools and motivate the pupils to create short first person narratives by using digital storytelling methods.