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First year

1st mobility;
Distribution of tasks - Spain

2nd mobility;
Workshop in Turkey
Guidelines: How to prepare a Digital Story (link)
Video from the mobility (link)

3rd mobility;
Student workshop in Greece
Digital story Turkey (link)
Digital story Spain (link)
Digital story Greece (link)
Digital story Poland (link)
Digital story Italy (link)
Digital story Romania (link)
Digital story France (link)
Digital story Potugal (link)
Digital story Norway (link)

4th mobility;
Questionaire and results - Italy (link)

5th mobility;
Internal report of the project - Norway

Second year

6th mobility;
Digital messages - Portugal (link)

7th mobility;
Digital story contest - Romania
Winners: (Italy)  (Poland)

8th mobility;
eBulletin - Poland (link)

9th mobility;
Call for Europe - France (link)