#Torchwood Ethnography Home

This site records my mini ethnography of the community around the Twitter #Torchwood hashtag which groups posting about the BBC TV series Torchwood. At the heart of this ethnography are Tweets posted on 1st November 2009 which look a little like this:

From Collages

To navigate the ethnography click through the links in the Right hand Sidebar. They are presented in the order they should be read although the #Torchwood Tweeps section can be browsed in any order you like - this is your chance to meet and greet the Twitterers observed for this ethnography.

Please enjoy and if you have any feedback on this work please add your comments on my course blog here. Alternatively Tweet me (@suchprettyeyes) or email me (nicola@suchprettyeyes.com).

This piece of work has been completed by Nicola Osborne, a student on the University of Edinburgh's MSc in eLearning, as part of my course blog for the Digital Cultures module.