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Lauren Gould
Information Architect
Connecting the dots from Concept to Code

Lauren has been working for Interactive Health Systems for 16 years developing the content, process and testing of interactive psycho-educational software, as well as implementing and administrating its use within corporations and healthcare organizations.

Personal Statement:

I truly enjoy the challenge of navigating the unknown. My greatest strength is the ability to cognize the “whole picture” from multiple perspectives which gives me the capacity to distinguish details that were previously unforeseen. As a team player, I contribute insight, innovation, integration and independence to daily activities. As a leader, I am motivated by truth, passion, commitment and quality. I have a strong desire to work with talented people and emerging technologies to evolve old paradigms of knowledge into new forms of value.

2000: Dot Com Consulting and small website construction
Big brainstorming! Exploring emerging revenue models? Networking…

1999: Product Manager for www.Masteringstress.com
Directed the development of content, graphics, functionality and business objectives.

1998: Producer of “Discover, Decide & Act” CD-ROM for adolescents
Designed the self-directed educational tool with administrative features.

1997: Project Manager for the Advanta contract
Managed the development of interactive content for the Relationship Domain.

1996: Creative Director for “The Mastering Stress” CD-ROM
Implemented the content and logic for a suite of expert-guided sessions.

1995: Team Leader for the Prodigy project
Established an online Self-Help center on Prodigy.

1991: Administrative Director of the Gould Centers
Planned and executed the delivery of outpatient mental health services specifically for Managed Care. Developed and documented an information system that integrated the needs of patients, therapists, office staff and insurance payers.

1988: Account Executive for customers of the “Therapeutic Learning Program”
Created training manuals and orientation materials to support a variety of clients in the integration and use of the TLP, including a chain of psychiatric hospitals.

1984: Course Development System Programmer
Coded interactive sessions with a newly developed authoring tool. Applied structure to clinical concepts to facilitate the creation of maps, storyboards and new products.

Lauren Gould graduated college with a degree in art. Her primary focus was fabricating wearable art using metal, wood and found objects. She constructed and sold her own line of jewelry as “Lauren Lee” until 1984, when she enrolled in a new career working with Interactive Health Systems.

Her first important role was using the recently developed authoring tool called the Course Development System. She was the Programmer for seven of the ten sessions of the “Therapeutic Learning Program” - a computer-assisted tool for both patient and therapist. In the process she made modifications to the content, produced formal documentation and completed thorough testing.

In 1986 her role expanded to psycho-educational Software Designer, as she applied structure to clinical concepts in order to construct maps, menus, storyboards and new interactive programs. She produced “Moods, Foods, and Willpower,” “StressCheck” and “Discover, Decide and Act” for adolescents.

She functioned as an Account Executive for customers of the Therapeutic Learning Program in 1988 including a chain of psychiatric hospitals. She developed the training manuals and orientation materials for both the clients’ needs and for tracking by IHS.

In 1991 she took on the role as Administrative Director of the Gould Centers, which delivered outpatient mental health services for managed care organizations. She designed, implemented and managed an information system that integrated the needs of patients, therapists, office staff and eight different insurance payers.

She then served as Team Leader for the following projects. In 1995 IHS established an online self-help center for Prodigy through Web pages, chat area events and interactive software. In 1996 IHS created the first Mastering Stress Program - a three session suite in DOS for 10,000 employees of BCTEL and then later a CD-ROM version for the windows environment. In 1997 IHS developed extensive interactive content for Advanta to be used in the relationship domain.

In addition to working at IHS she has taken several courses at UCLA in interactive content and multi-media, both practical and theoretical. She is comfortable with Photoshop, Illustrator, Macromedia Director/Lingo and Authorware, as well as web tools such as Frontpage 98 and Dreamweaver. (Back in the day:)

She is a strong conceptual thinker, a creative problem solver, has excellent communication skills and is able to integrate and structure complex systems. In short, an asset to any team!

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