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Whole Self

Center for re-Discovery
Your passport to health and happiness
A creative, collaborative, and comprehensive approach to life


  • A state-of-the-art Lifestyle Learning and Holistic Treatment Facility
  • A profitable & scalable business of services and products that support
    non-profit outreach programs and serves as a
    Community Center
  • The Franchise of the Future… (high tech, high touch, high dharma)


  • To benefit from the integration of Theory and Practice (mind/body, consciousness/existence)
  • To utilize emerging technologies to create tools that assist self-care and well-being
  • To promote contemplative community interaction, and coherence
  • To produce and utilize a "standardized" member intake to track goals and outcomes
  • To develop and distribute a web-based dynamic digital diary to facilitate personal insight and appropriate actions. (NavigatingLife.com) Where have I been? Where am I now? Where am I going?
  • Design a wireless version to integrate with a TO-DO list and Calendar of Events (CyberSelf.com)


  • To clarify and sustain member's motivation to achieve desired results
  • To provide an engaging, supportive and iterative methodology that:

  1. Demonstrates (illustrations / examples) - "show me" - see it,
  2. Treats (professional services / support) - "do it to me" - feel it,
  3. Educates (teaching / training) - "teach me how" - be it!


  • An innovative architectural environment that welcomes the person and soothes the soul. (energy efficient, filtered air and water, conscious use of space and light, combination of ergonomic comfort and quality design, pleasant smells and sounds, etc.)

  • A membership based community center where each individual dynamically contributes TO and benefits FROM the collective experience and knowledge of each individual.

  • Members pay a small monthly fee and receive a discount on services and products as well as gain access to "free" classes and events on a first come first serve bases. Members swipe "smart cards" to track usage and all information is stored in a database which they can access and amend.  They are billed monthly, the discounted rate increases as they spend more money and they are encouraged to pay for guests.

  • The center will attract local lifestyle coaches, consultants, and artists who will want to offer free workshops to the members in exchange for the opportunity to acquire private clients.

  • Use of facilities for open houses, fundraisers, networking events as well as community newsletters, directories and boards will support marketing efforts.

  • Outreach programs that target teens, the elderly and local corporations with mentorship, internship and volunteer opportunities will benefit the neighborhood and sustain good PR.

  • Health care providers will function as independently licensed contractors with their own insurance and will "book" space within the center. (exchange of $ depends on legal/medical issues)

  • Center staff are paid employees with stock in the corporation.

Center Components

  1. Administrative and support offices with video conference/record room (scheduling/usage software)
  2. Professional Practitioners - acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, counseling, etc… (consider/recommend software, communication records, progress worksheets online w/ links)
  3. Organic Food café & courtyard with food to go and cooking demonstrations with ingredients for sale (recipe database with nutritional values & food interactions, shopping list, cost estimate)
  4. Fitness studio - stretch, yoga, dance, tai chi, etc
  5. Arts & Entertainment - museum, gallery, music, performance, readings, and boutique
  6. Arts & Crafts - drawing/painting/collage/glitter/glue and "iron-ons" as objects for self-expression
  7. Art & Technology - computer lab with cameras, scanners and other digital tools (cool gadgets)
  8. Multipurpose rooms - classes, workshops, meetings, groups, lectures, presentations, fun & games
  9. Child (dog) care-corner for members while at the center (nominal fee to support volunteers)
  10. Beauty (face/hair/nails), SPA (water) and Gym (equipment) can be "plugged" in.

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