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There's a pulse beating steadily.  Powerfully.  Persistently.  Can you feel it?  It's getting stronger by the second, being fed and nurtured and infused, and it's virtually  unstoppable.  It carries us as we breathlessly drive it forth—a throbbing, symbiotic relationship that impacts EVERYONE in one way or another—a life force with a life of its own.  There are parts of it that turn us on and parts that scare the hell out if us, but these incidentals simply don't matter.  The exhilaration, the convenience, the potential, the applications and the permutations—these are our motivators.  These are our fixes.  It's compulsive:  compulsively useful and compulsively fascinating.  It's TECHNOLOGY.

We are at the dawn of comprehending the literal reality of INFINITE POSSIBILITIES.  The fourth dimension is revealing itself.  The time continuum is morphing.  Some of us are beginning to see flashes of a dynamic technological future in which our most absurd, far-reaching and/or miraculous dreams and visions will become realities—not just in some sci-fi version of the year 2525, but in our actual lifetime.  If we sit still long enough (and it's hard to do, with all the titillating information—the barrage of entertainment and advertising vying for our attention and allegiance), our thoughts begin to track some of the plausible routes that technology could follow.  While some of these potentialities make us wild with hope and anticipation, others are horrifying.  Cataclysmic.  Apocalyptic.  We want to run…hide…move to a secluded cabin in the woods and tune out the madness for the rest of our days.  But we don't.  Most of us don't.  We take a deep breath, and then another, and then we go on with our lives, squelching the unpleasant stuff as best we can, reminding ourselves that some thought spirals are better left unexamined.  

The Bad News:  We cannot afford that luxury anymore.

The Good News:  As long as we unify—embrace the most optimistic possibilities, employ the same fearlessness and enthusiasm as the "Other" side—the cliché is real.  Good will trump Evil.  Always.  Yes—ALWAYS.  

More Good News:  There are millions of people out there, RIGHT THIS MINUTE, working toward this unified vision.  I'd like to bid welcome to one of the most recent additions:  LOL Media, or LoveorLust.com.  

"The boys blew it—that's why all their companies are going under," says Lauren Gould, "foundering" of this enterprising new venture.  "They rushed to crunch entertainment and technology together, called it "convergence" and waited for their bank accounts to explode.  Obviously, that didn't happen.  They got their shoes stuck on the gum of the old paradigm—they underestimated what people are ready for.  It's not entertainment and technology—it's HUMANITY and technology.  That's where the future lies, and THAT'S what convergence is all about."  

Conceived several years ago but just recently born, LoveorLust.com (often presented with a question mark in place of the "dot" of the dot-com) first introduced itself as a sponsor of after-work networking mixers at Schatzi's on Main, a restaurant in Santa Monica, CA, owned by Arnold Schwartenneger (sp?) and his wife, Maria Shriver (sp?).  

To speak with Lauren about LOL Media and its aspirations is to experience first-hand the electrically-charged pulse of the new paradigm it promotes and reveres.  "Love 'or' Lust?  Enduring commitment or unfettered passion?  Spiritual or Physical?  Heaven or Earth?  "We pose the question because we want people to respond with the defiant, affirmative knowledge within that says, 'I don't have to choose one or the other—I want BOTH!'  And having both—being both—LIVING both…that's our vision."  

Lauren speaks according to the receptiveness of her audience.  For those not quite ready for some of the higher-minded concepts, she emphasizes the familiar, like "business" and "networking" and "social and professional opportunities"—all of which are viable aspects of LOL Media.

[Lauren—I hope you can see where I'm going with this…I think there's a lot of potential, but I'm tapped out for now.  The next part is all about the more exciting language, the elevated stuff—transformational alchemy, higher energy vibrations, life , the Symbolic Convergence Theory, the collective consciousness theories, etc.  You can understand why I want to be fresh and ready to delve into that material in order to give it the respect and attention it deserves.  Also, since this is a working draft, I'm still not sure if it is one or two articles, if it is for magazine or promotional releases, website or flyers, etc.  There's SOOOOO much to conquer—your ideas are in sync with mine, as I hope you will agree after reading this.  Also, I hope you don't mind my putting words in your mouth.  Of course you know that you're welcome to alter any of it to suit your tastes, voice, etc.  Soooooo, to email with this…….)



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