Online Syllabus

Honors 212 - Winter 2012 
Brigham Young University 
TTh 9:30 - 10:45 321 MSRB

Dr. Gideon Burton: / 801-477-0109 (texting is ok) / office hours: 3-4 MW and by appt
Dr. Daniel Zappala:
Ariel Szuch (T.A.): / 208-371-8618 / office hrs MW 10-11am 4101 JFSB.

Western civilization has been greatly influenced by how we produce and share knowledge. Since the development of the printing press in the 15th century, the printed word has dominated religion, philosophy, science, economics, politics, and education. We are now in the midst of the digital revolution, with online media such as blogs, wikis, social networking, and the web shaping our civilization. In this course we will view western civilization through the lens of the digital revolution, learning both what the past has to say about how we produce and share knowledge, and what our experiences with modern technology lead us to discover about the past. Our readings will pair great works of western civilization with current texts and tools, exploring common themes that include the structure of knowledge, principles of openness and participation, authenticity, identity, privacy, and copyright. Students will become fluent with the concepts and tools needed to be lifelong learners and active participants in a world where technological innovations change rapidly.
Print version of syllabus available here.