Welcome to the wiki by Jason Ohler

This wiki was created as a companion resource for the book Digital Community, Digital Citizenship by Jason Ohler (Corwin Press, 2010), as well as a general resource for anyone interested in the issues of digital citizenship.

The a rea of inquiry described as "digital citizenship" is vast, and can be approached from many perspectives. The purpose of this wiki is to provide links to resources attributed to many areas related t o digital citizenship, some of which are defined in the navigation column on the left. Please note that these are as are only those that emerged as being of primary importance during the process of writing my book. As such, neither the areas, nor the resou rces you will find in each area, paint a complete picture of digital citizenship. Therefore, in order to build a comprehensive wiki about digital citizenship, your participation is requested.

Invitation to readers to contribute to this wiki: Please add your links to one of the digital citizenship categories in the navigation column provided at the left. When in doubt about where to add something, please add it to the "Other" category and I will sort it out later.

To contribute to this wiki you will need an invitation from me. Although anyone can view this wiki, if you want to a dd to it I need to invite you to join as a collaborator. Just email me (jasonohler@gmail.com) and I will make it so.

Overwhelmed, in a hurry or looking for a good starting point? Then go to Getting Started. I have listed here some of my favorite K-12 resources.

Thank you for your contributions.

Your involvement is greatly appreciated.

Jason Ohler (jasonohler@gmail.com)