Project Timeline


Project Timeline



Day 1



         ·        Begin with the Entry Event                           (35 minutes)

         ·        Introduce the PBL project                               (5 minutes)



Day 2



         ·        Students will create their blog                      (15 minutes)

         ·        Students will begin work on Blog Post 1       (25 minutes)



Day 3



         ·        Students will continue on Blog Post 1           (40 minutes)



Day 4




         ·        Students will complete Blog Post 1               (40 minutes)

         ·        Comment on other finished posts                  (homework)



Day 5



         ·        Students will begin on Blog Post 2               (40 minutes)



Day 6




         ·        Students will complete Blog Post 2               (40 minutes)

         ·        Comment on other finished posts                  (homework)



Day 7




         ·        Students will complete Blog Post 3               (40 minutes)

         ·        Comment on other finished posts                  (homework)



The individual, research and blogging portion of the PBL assignment is now complete.  At this point, students will form groups (teacher-assigned) and begin working on their survey.



Day 8



         ·        Students will create their survey                  (40 minutes)


Day 9



         ·        Students will finish & send their survey      (40 minutes)


It would be best to have a weekend between days 9 and 10 to allow time for students to receive results and feedback on their surveys.



Day 10



         ·        Complete the group survey analysis            (40 minutes)


Day 11



         ·        Complete the individual survey reflection   (40 minutes)


The creation and analysis of the PBL survey is now complete.  At this point, students will begin work on their final presentations.  Before starting this section, the teacher should regroup and check in with all the students as groups and as a whole class to make sure everyone is ready for the final phase.  

This discussion should take approximately 30 minutes and the teacher should use this time to have the groups start making connections between what they've learned about other schools and what ideas could be applicable in our school setting.



Day 12



         ·        Class discussion over the assignment so far  (30 minutes)

         ·        Begin working on the presentation               (10 minutes)



Day 13



         ·        Complete the research summary section     (40 minutes)


Day 14



         ·        Complete the survey summary section        (40 minutes)


Day 15



         ·        Begin working on the improvement plan       (40 minutes)


Day 16



         ·        Continue working on the improvement plan  (40 minutes)


Day 17



         ·        Continue working on the improvement plan  (40 minutes)


Day 18



         ·        Continue working on the improvement plan  (40 minutes)


Day 19



         ·        Finish working on the improvement plan      (40 minutes)


Day 20



         ·        Give Presentations                                    (120 minutes)


For the final day, a special time would need to be set up with the principal, school director, and school board so that the students would be able to give their presentations to all the key stakeholders.