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This presentation introduces "Digital Citizenship in Schools" and is based on the book by that name written by Ribble and Bailey.  

This presentation also introduces you to "Copyright Clarity" (Digital Law )and is based on the book by that name written by Renee Hobbs. (see Copyright Clarity tab at the top of the menu bar.)

Fair Use:  I used the Fair Use Reasoning Process to exercise fair use of the copyrighted materials for this project.  In some cases, I even attempted to contact the copyright holders.  If for any reason, a copyright holder of the materials in this presentation believes I am in violation of fair use, please contact me ( and I will be happy to discuss my reasoning.

Purpose/Target Audience:  To spread knowledge on the importance of developing a comprehensive digital citizenship program to school districts, teachers, and parents.

Copyrighted material: 
  • Much of the content is from a slideshare presentation by Anna Baralt.  I have updated and remixed her content as images to fit the needs of my presentation for schools wanting to learn more about building a digital citizenship program of their own. 
  • The scenarios in the following presentation were created by Katie Searcy.  Again, I remixed these slides as images to fit my presentation.  
Transformed Original Work:  I have transformed the original works above to create an interactive workshop on the meaning of digital citizenship as well as scenarios on recognizing each of the elements.  I used  the amount of original copyrighted material I needed for this project, which sometimes included all of the work (remixed into a different form) and sometimes just parts of the original work.  

Creative Commons Licensing:  The content from Renee Hobbs is all licensed under Creative Commons and can be used by others to help spread the word on Copyright Clarity and Fair Use (See the Copyright Clarity tab at the top of this page).

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