What if everything we thought about teaching digital citizenship is wrong?

Workshop by Mike Gwaltney and Peter Pappas

While we have all been singing the praises of intersection of teaching, technology and new social media - others have used the same system to upend civil discourse, politics and culture. Two seasoned educators with K-20 teaching experience will lead the participants in a reexamination of what digital citizenship means in this new era.

Workshop Agenda: 

Ice Breaker: social media comparative lineup
Collaborative social media analysis using scale at left (click to enlarge)
Collaboration ideas for teaching Digital Citizenship 2.0

Great read: Did Media Literacy Backfire? by Danah Boyd argues that the thorny problems of fake news and the spread of conspiracy theories have, in part, origins in efforts to educate people against misinformation.

Essential research: Stanford Study "Evaluating Information: The Cornerstone of Civic Online Reasoning3.4 MB pdf


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