This is a Digital Breakout template. Click here for a replicable version of this site. Replace this text with a scenario that engages students in the task of breaking the locks. This is a great opportunity for teachers to use their creativity! Look at this breakout for an example. This text can contain links to elements of your breakout, such as this link to a page with a Google Form with quiz mode or this link to a page with an embedded Quizlet vocabulary deck.

To effectively use this template, please make copies of the files in this Google Drive folder.

When making a digital breakout, keep the design simple to not overwhelm students - just a few elements on each page. Canva is a great (free) website to make images for this purpose.

Note that the two elements below, the Google Form and the Google Drawing, are centered and set to 600 pixels high and 400 pixels wide.

Be sure to check out Justin Birckbichler's and Mari Venturino's Digital Breakout video tutorials as well.