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Patent 5462311652

Late one night, you’re browsing Twitter when you get a DM from @ProfDvorak: “I need you at 1234 Science Road straight away.” You arrive at the location to see it cordoned off with police tape. You enter inside to see a myriad of test tubes, beakers, half finished inventions, and robotic prototypes. 

You hurry over to the nervous looking man in the corner and say, “I’m Inspector Stark. I believe you called me?” He replies, “Yes, I am Professor Dvorak. I was working on Patent 5462311652, a new invention that uses a revolutionary chemical reaction to multiply any object that’s placed into it. It could end poverty and world hunger as we know it. But in the wrong hands, it could be used to create an arsenal of nuclear weapons.”
“Let me guess… It’s been stolen.” “I’m terribly afraid you’re correct,” he mumbles. “But, the culprit dropped his bag of tricks. It seems to be locked up and I haven’t been able to open it. If we can get it open, perhaps we’ll identify the villain and you’ll save the day!”